JIM KIRKPATRICK (FM) – Ballad Of A Prodigal Son [feat Steve Overland, Didge Digital, Bernie Marsden & more] (2020)

JIM KIRKPATRICK (FM) - Ballad Of A Prodigal Son [feat Steve Overland, Didge Digital, Bernie Marsden & more] (2020) full

Whilst fellow FM member and vocalist Steve Overland channels his soul influences more on his solo outings, guitarist JIM KIRKPATRICK goes down a blues-rock path and to great effect. Mind you, Kirkpatrick has a busy schedule outside of FM playing solo and with Bernie Marsden (who co-wrote ‘Always On The Road’ on this album) and Chris Bevington.
On his new album “Ballad Of A Prodigal Son“, guests include current and former FM keyboards players, Jem Davis and Didge Digital respectively, along with ex Whitesnake Neil Murray, Overland, Status Quo bassist John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and many more.

Plenty of blues rock action to be had on here, from the raucous opening title track through to ’61 & 49’, the latter allows Jem Davis to shine on the keys.
Jim Kirkpatrick is certainly a talented chap, not only on the guitar, of which there are many fine solos to enjoy, but singing wise as he has a melodious vocal that makes these blues based songs appeal the FM fans, some of whom may not be overly keen on dipping their toes in the musical waters of the blues.

A Whitesnake feel on the slower ‘Ain’t Goin’ Down Alone’, whilst ‘Be Hard With It’ is the first of two songs on the album to feature former FM keyboards player Didge Digital. He also plays the theremin on this song!
Loving the instrumental ‘Blue Horizon Boulevard’, full of gloriously upbeat playing including slide and harmonica. There’s one cover on here too; Status Quo’s ‘Gravy Train’, which features Quo bassist John ‘Rhino’ Edwards. A rocking version of said song that is suitably Quo like.

One song that deviates from the blues path of the rest of the album is the Thea Gilmore co-write ‘Brave New World’. There’s hints of prog rock with a melodic vibe, and it features some of the album’s most spectacular solos.

Jim Kirkpatrick may not release solo albums that often (this one comes fourteen years after his last one), but when he does they are well worth a listen. A satisfying mix of blues and rock, melodic while soulful when needed, with some bite thrown in on a couple of tracks for good measure.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Ballad of a Prodigal Son
02 – No Such Thing as a Sure Thing
03 – Ain’t Goin’ Down Alone
04 – Blue Heron Boulevard
05 – Be Hard with It
06 – Skin and Bone, Pt. 2
07 – Always on the Road
08 – 61 & 49
09 – Talk to Me
10 – Gravy Train
11 – Brave New World
12 – All You Need (Is All You Have)

Jim Kirkpatrick- vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Steve Overland (FM)
Bernie Marsden (ex Whitesnake)
John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo)
Sarah Miller (Chris Bevington Organisation)
Jem Davis (FM)
Chris Cliff
Neil ‘Kegsy’ McCallum (Chris Bevington Org)
David Levy (Rory Gallagher)
Richard Newman (Rory G, Paul Rodgers)
Paul Westwell
Chris Bevington
Scott Ralph (Chris Bevington Org)
Didge Digital (FM)
Neil Murray (ex Whitesnake)



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