MAJESTICA – A Christmas Carol (2020)

MAJESTICA - A Christmas Carol (2020) full

It’s that time of the year: Christmas albums, and this is one of the best. 2020 we have Swedish symphonic metal band MAJESTICA giving their take on Charles Dickens’ seasonal classic ”A Christmas Carol”, in what is only the band’s second album (although prior to signing to Nuclear Blast they were known as ReinXeed).
The symphonic arrangements on this album are superb, creating great atmospherics from choral parts through to passages of traditional Christmas tunes and strong riffs, it is all here and set to maximum.

Tommy Johansson is the Majestica main man joined by bassist Chris David, guitarist Alex Oriz and drummer Joel Kollberg, who makes his recording debut with the band on this album.
Tommy states, “A silly dream of mine has finally come true. For many years I’ve wanted to release a Christmas album, because the atmosphere around Christmas is always so peaceful and the music with clear Christmas theme is always beautiful and very well‐written”

‘A Majestic Christmas Theme’ is stupendously pompous in its musical scope, as is the intro piece ‘A Christmas Carol’. This would be a superb album to base a full theatrical live show.
The vocal parts are done with much vigor, highlights being ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ and the uplifting ‘Christmas Has Come’. Bah humbug to you if these don’t raise a smile and your spirits.

For those who like me may have tired somewhat of symphonic metal this album will reignite your love of the genre.
Great fun from start to finish.


01 – A Christmas Carol
02 – A Christmas Story
03 – Ghost of Marley
04 – Ghost of Christmas Past
05 – The Joy of Christmas
06 – Ghost of Christmas Present
07 – Ghost of Christmas to Come
08 – A Christmas Has Come
09 – A Majestic Christmas Theme

Tommy ReinXeed Johansson – Guitars (lead), Vocals
Alex Oriz – Guitars (rhythm)
Chris David – Bass
Joel Kollberg – Drums



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