LEAVING EDEN – Fable (2021)

LEAVING EDEN - Fable (2021) full

American female-fronted rockers LEAVING EDEN are releasing tomorrow their new effort “Fable” via Dark Star Records and distributed world-wide by Sony / Universal.
Fronted by the charismatic lead vocalist Eve, LEAVING EDEN have been making a name for themselves for a decade, and while their music is firmly rooted in classic Eighties / Nineties hard rock, for “Fable” they have turned the proceedings much more melodic.
Most the songs on this new opus are mid-paced rockers where the keyboards of the other female member of the band (Alyssa Bailey White) gained an augmented role than before.


01 – Born Inside of Me
02 – The Eyes of a Curious Man
03 – Broken
04 – Detached
05 – Borrowed Time
06 – If It Feels Alright
07 – Might as Well Get Stoned
08 – In a World That’s Lost
09 – The Rose
10 – Fable
11 – The World is Yours
12 – Who I Am
13 – Amen
14 – Black Wolf

Eve – Vocals
Alyssa Bailey White – Keys/Vocals
Jake Gynan – Drums
Rich Chouinard – Bass/Vocals
Eric Gynan – Guitar/Vocals


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