ALBERTO SONZOGNI – September Man (2020)

ALBERTO SONZOGNI - September Man (2020) full

Italian keyboardist, composer and sessionist ALBERTO SONZOGNI is releasing his debut album ‘September Man’ today, consisting of ten own songs which sound & style have been highly driven by Sonzogni’s listenings of diverse artists like TOTO, Joe Bonamassa, Work Of Art, Eagles and many more.
The result is an elegant blend of melodic rock / AOR with touches of blues and classic rock.
Sharing lead vocals with some of the many guest musicians on the album, Sonzogni’s overall style brings to mind ’80s / ’90s Tony Carey, some of Canadian Paul Janz, and Vince DiCola works.

The title ‘September Man’ refers to Alberto’s life, he’s born on September 20th and lives in road XX September in his city of Bergamo, Italy. September is also the end of summer, a melancholic month that carries moments of reflection with it.

Perhaps the best song to give an idea of the albums feeling should be ‘Scary World’, an example of Sonzogni’s variegated composition skills. This track has a strong proggy melodic hard rock vibe, the powerful sound matches the lyrics about this scary world we are living today, where things are getting worse mostly because of human behaviors.

There’s an energetic performance, the keys, synths & Hammond organ played by Sonzogni and the electric guitars recorded by Daniele Finazzi and Dale Sanders, special guest for lead guitar parts, stand out with their sharp riffs and solos. Another guest is singer Alessandro Stucchi that alternates with Alberto on lead vocals.
Very interesting, elaborated and at the same time easy listening, entertaining album.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Soundtrack of My Life
02 – A Little Bit Older
03 – The Armor
04 – Scary World
05 – Dear Friend Loneliness
06 – Ivory Tower
07 – Night Survivor
08 – If Your Smile Becomes a Kiss
09 – Maybe One Day
10 – We Play Together

Alberto Sonzogni: vocals, keyboards, theremin, steel guitar
Gessica Pirola: vocals
Daniele Finazzi: electric, acoustic guitars, talk box
Nicolò Gullotto: bass
Stefano Guidi: drums

Carmen Giammona: lead and backing vocals – Track 2
Alessandro Stucchi: lead and backing vocals – Tracks 1, 4
Simone Pirola: lead vocal and electric guitars – Track 6
Dale Sanders: lead guitar – Track 4
Pasquale Brolis: alto saxophone – Track 9
Andrea Delsignore: backing vocals – Tracks 1, 4



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