BARREN CROSS – Hotter Than Hell! Live [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

BARREN CROSS - Hotter Than Hell! Live [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Nearing the end of relentlessly touring the ‘Atomic Arena’ album, and having only two releases under the band’s belt, BARREN CROSS pulled into the International Ballroom in Pico Rivera, CA to record this live release. For many, at the time Barren Cross was in its finest moment, and ”Hotter Than Hell! Live” only confirmed that conviction.
Studio albums are supposed to be produced, calculated, and pristine. Live albums are supposed to let the band breathe and let the musician’s talent and expertise shine though with no filters. That’s exactly what happens with ”Hotter Than Hell! Live”: a raw, no overdubs live recording published in 1990 (but recorded 1989).
There’s a doubt if a live recording can be remastered, in the case of “Hotter Than Hell!” the output is more balanced and vibrant than the original CD release.

The band rocks louder with huge guitars creating a metallic landscape making any metal fan feel compelled to instantly shoot up the DIO metal horns. The album also give bassist, Jim LaVerde the chance to thump his bass wielding his axe to some very memorable moments.

Also included are two songs not found on any other Barren Cross release – “Opus To The Third Heaven” which is an all-out band jam and might be their most artistic and creative venture ever.
The second unreleased track is “King Jesus & Blues Jam” which is a bluesy metal romp with non-stop soloing and elite axemanship.

This 2020 remastered reissue gives this powerful album the refreshed punch it deserves to impact the listener more than ever before.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Imaginary Music
02 – Dying Day
03 – Killers of the Unborn
04 – Close to the Edge
05 – Going Nowhere
06 – Dead Lock
07 – Opus to the Third Heaven*
08 – King of Kings
09 – In the Eye of the Fire
10 – Rock for the King
11 – Light the Flame
12 – Terrorist Child
13 – King Jesus & Blues Jam*
14 – Give Your Life

* not found on any other Barren Cross release

Mike Lee – lead vocals, guitar
Ray Parris – guitar, background vocals
Steve Whitaker – drums, background vocals
Jim LaVerde – bass, background vocals



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