ISSA – Queen Of Broken Hearts (2021)

ISSA - Queen Of Broken Hearts (2021) full

Can you imagine a more ’80s-like title than “Queen Of Broken Hearts” for the new ISSA Oversveen album? And this what the sixth album from the Norwegian delivers; lovely Eighties melodies. And despite many fans of the genre complain about some Alessandro Del Vecchio’s recent productions, here the sound and feel resulted great.
And then there’s the good songs. This is AOR with an – as always – fascinating and almost angel-like voice. Slightly epic at times, the material on “Queen Of Broken Hearts“ touch your soul – or is rather the voice?
Well, it’s the combination that matters because both things are good, but together they’re amazing. Just check out the unrivaled hook monsters “The Night It Rained Forever“ and “After The Rain“.

After the very first spin of “Queen Of Broken Hearts”, I have to say that is a great opus all the way.
The first couple of tracks, “Angels Calling” and “The Way Out”, kick-off this new record impressively; edgy, passionate and powerful melodic rock stuff and, for sure a strong appetizer of what’s coming-up next.
The modern and moodier “The Night It Rained Forever” is simply wonderful, while with “Blue” ISSA delivers a very emotional and soulful ballad. Title track “Queen Of Broken Hearts”, “Without Love” and “Wait For Love” are all three great rockers for your ear pleasure.

ISSA’s brand new “Queen Of Broken Hearts” is a catchy and very well-crafted melodic rock / AOR album all the way and I would dare to say that it’s probably her best to date delivering more challenging vocal lines than before, and as said, benefited by the solid songwriting.
HIGHLY Recommended


1. Angels Calling
2. The Way Out
3. The Night It Rained Forever
4. I’m Here To Stay
5. Blue
6. Queen Of Broken Hearts
7. Derive
8. Without Love
9. Wait For Love
10. After The Rain
11. Die For A Life With You

Issa Oversveen – Vocals
Simone Mularoni – Guitars
Andrea Torricini – Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Marco Di Salvia – Drums


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  1. Nick says:

    guys, Martin brothers are really cool, but i much more like Issa’s last two albums, with Del Vecchio and Mr Mularoni. Sound incredible!!!

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