HELIX – Eat Sleep Rock (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HELIX - Eat Sleep Rock (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Here we have in exclusive HELIX last album ”Eat Sleep Rock”, taken from its vinyl LP release to get an even more vintage feel. The LP opens with ‘The Story of Helix’ – the spoken word & guitar history of the band. Brian Vollmer takes us through Helix history, with the odd musical segues through “Billy Oxygen”, “She Loves You”, “Heavy Metal Love”, and “Lick It Up” among others as the story progresses. Even “Teen Spirit” in the 90s, “when everything went to shit”
Vollmer proudly proclaims he will “NEVER” retire! And if the second song, “Eat – Sleep – Rock” is any indication, that’s a good thing. This is a heavy rockn’ Helix. Produced by Daryl Gray, with guitars aided and abetted by Sean Kelly, this one smokes. There ain’t no rest for the wicked, as “Eat – Sleep – Rock” resoundingly demonstrates.
Long-time Helix fans are going to love this newbie that recalls the fire and fury of 1984 all over again.

While these two first tracks are new ones, which follows some of the band’s favorite songs recorded since leaving Capitol / E.M.I. in 1990. And they’ve certainly made great albums since. Some of their best in fact. ”Eat Sleep Rock” contains shining gems aplenty of post-grunge-era Helix rawk.
However, having said that, there are a few more ‘rarities’ including tracks only available on single before – ‘The Tequila Song’ and ‘The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight’ – now you can get them affordably on CD.
Also ‘(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead’ only appeared on Best of’ collections 2016’s ‘Rock It Science’ and 2018’s ‘Icon.’

HELIX - Eat Sleep Rock (2020 LP back

The tracks, hand-picked by the ever-present frontman Brian Vollmer remind you that even when a band shrinks into the background internationally they can still sound pretty damn solid.
Tracks like ‘Shock City’ and the heavy and Bluesy ‘Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Hometown)’ are just great songs.
Highlights include the wonderful ‘Tequila Song’ and closer ‘The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight’ which just might be the best song here. Check ’em out because on the basis of this effort Helix sound like they have plenty more to say.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – The Story of Helix
02 – Eat Sleep Rock
03 – Shock City Psycho Rock
04 – Wrecking Ball
05 – I’m a Live Frankenstein
06 – Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved in His Hometown)
07 – Cyber Space Girl
08 – When the Bitters Got the Better of You
09 – The Tequila Song
10 – (Gene Simmons Says) Rock is Dead
11 – The Devil is Having a Party Tonight

Lead Vocals – Brian Vollmer
Guitar – Sean Kelly
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Chris Julke, Gary Borden
Bass, Backing Vocals – Daryl Gray
Drums, Backing Vocals – Greg “Fritz” Hinz

Mastered by Harry Hess



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