ICON OF SIN – Icon Of Sin (2021)

ICON OF SIN - Icon Of Sin (2021) full

ICON OF SIN is the new project centered around the vocal talents of the popular Brazilian YouTube sensation Raphael Mendes. He is joined in the band by two other stellar Brazilian musicians, Sergio Mazul (SEMBLANT) and Marcelo Gelbcke (LANDFALL).
On their self-titled debut via Frontiers music the band takes all their influences resulting into a varied, melodic collection of songs ranging from classic Hard Rock to traditional Metal with a sound that gets clear taking a quick look at the ’80s-like CD artwork.

Raphael Mendes’ voice color has a strong resemblance to a young Bruce Dickinson. Eighties Bruce Dickinson. So comparison to Iron Maiden is there, but the material on offer here is much more varied than Maiden, much more melodic.
From the pacing to the rhythm and groove, the strong song melody to guitar harmony, the catchy refrains to the brilliant guitar solos, this is indeed ’80s influenced metal / hard rock, however arranged & produced with a modern, catchy approach & mix.

All are strong, bright rockers with and anthemic delivery, such as ‘Shadow Dancer’, the quite Scandinavian influenced ‘Night Breed’, the Accept-meets-Judas Priest ‘Pandemic Euphoria’, and the darker ‘Clouds Over Gotham’.
You can’t resist to the simple, yet contagious riff of ‘Road Rage’, we find fun lyrics and a stadium size melody in ‘Arcade Generation’ (a favorite), and there’s cool dynamics to ‘Survival Instinct’.

Icon Of Sin carry the torch of classic metal / hard rock, a timeless genre that will never die. And they do it very well on their self-titled debut album. Young dudes which just born when this type of rock ruled. Young dudes plenty of passion on what they do.
Highly Recommended


01 – Icon of Sin
02 – Road Rage
03 – Shadow Dancer
04 – Unholy Battleground
05 – Night Breed
06 – Virtual Empire
07 – Pandemic Euphoria
08 – Clouds over Gotham
09 – Arcade Generation
10 – Hagakure
11 – The Last Samurai
12 – The Howling
13 – Survival Instinct

Raphael Mendes – Vocals
Caio Vidal – Bass
Sol Perez – Guitar
Mateus Cantaleãno – Guitar
CJ Dubiella – Drums


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