THE VINTAGE CARAVAN – Monuments (2021)

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN - Monuments (2021) full

These days, there’s no shortage of rock bands aiming to recapture the seductive coolness of 1970s classic rock, heavy progressive rock, and blues-rock. However, few do it as captivatingly and confidently as THE VINTAGE CARAVAN.
Influenced by iconic artists like Deep Purple, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Rush, the group have always done a remarkable job of paying homage to those classic subgenres while continuously evolving their characteristic elements.
On their upcoming album ‘‘Monuments” they outdo themselves once again by crafting the most thoroughly engaging, sophisticated, and cohesive record of their career. The Vintage Caravan’s ”Monuments” is a pristine example of how to do retro rock right. It’s an essential listen with an invigorating take on those older styles.

Understandably, they credit recent festival gigs (Hellfest, Wacken, and Roadburn) and a series of shows all over Europe as helping mature their songwriting and playing. Indeed, ”Monuments” sees the band at the top of their game, doubling down on their greatest trademarks with more textural vibrancy and melodic intrigue than ever before.
Opener “Whispers” does a superb job exemplify those qualities. After situating itself with some surreal sound effects, it erupts into a vivacious and arid array of fiery guitar riffs, punchy rhythms, and sleek singing. It’s just intricate and unpredictable enough to surprise and impress routinely, but it’s also accessible enough to appeal to just about any fan of rock music.

Several other tracks walk an effective similar path, such as the equally addicting boisterousness of “Can’t Get You Off My Mind”. There’s also the notably rugged and ensnaring “Crystallized”, whose midway detours into trippy tranquility – complete with a delightfully smooth guitar solo – oozes vintage elegance. It also concludes with a mesh of acoustic arpeggios and windy ambiance that adds substantial variety and moodiness to the experience.
Afterward, “Forgotten” gallops along with unstoppable fervor and flair, while “Torn in Two” almost seems like an intentional nod to ‘Whipping Post’ by the Allman Brothers Band.
A couple of other tunes, “This One’s for You” and “Hell”, also provide a softer touch with their leisurely romantic waltz and heartfelt angst, respectively.

The Vintage Caravan have never been better than on ‘Monuments’. It’s clear from beginning to end that the band is firing on all cylinders since each track is full of poised playing and focused songwriting. It simultaneously refines and expands upon what made its predecessors so fetching.
Highly Recommended


01 – Whispers
02 – Crystallized
03 – Can’t Get You off My Mind
04 – Dark Times
05 – This One’s for You
06 – Forgotten
07 – Sharp Teeth
08 – Hell
09 – Torn in Two
10 – Said & Done
11 – Clarity

Óskar Logi – Guitar and vocals
Alexander Örn – Bass and backup vocals
Stefán Ari – Drums and backup vocals


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