MARENNA – In Your Face (2021)

MARENNA - In Your Face (2021) full

MARENNA, the AOR band fronted by singer / songwriter Rod Marenna is releasing a new album titled “In Your Face“, a collection of songs from the band’s catalog newly recorded in stripped versions.
This is Rod and guitarist Alex Reck performing ‘Live into the Studio’ re-arranged acoustic takes of songs originally plenty of electric guitars & keyboards, not getting a new life with just vocals & guitar.
Also called by themselves ‘the lockdown versions (Corona Virus Era)’, songs like originally keyboard-driven ‘You Need to Believe’, ‘Keep on Dreaming’ or ‘Getting Higher’ are served into an intimate, back to the basics format, and you know, a good song is always a good song.
In fact according to Rod, most of these songs were composed this way, so the idea to present them in this organic way give the feeling of how these songs born.
A very nice, cool set of melodic tunes well performed & recorded.
Highly Recommended


01 – You Need to Believe (Live Session)
02 – Like an Angel (Live Session)
03 – Keep on Dreaming (Live Session)
04 – Never Surrender (Live Session)
05 – Can’t Let You Go (Live Session)
06 – Reason to Live (Live Session)
07 – Fall in Love Again (Live Session)
08 – Getting Higher (Live Session)
09 – Life Goes On (Live Session)
10 – Pieces of Tomorrow (Live Session)

Rod Marenna – vocals
Alex Reck – guitar



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