GYPSY’S KISS – 74 (2021)

GYPSY'S KISS - 74 (2021) full

GYPSY’S KISS was formed in the Seventies by two London high school friends, vocalist David Smith and bass player Steve Harris. Yes, the man who later founded one of the greatest metal bands of all time: IRON MAIDEN.
GYPSY’S KISS was quite successful in local rock circuit, however the band came to it’s natural end in mid 1975 although all remain good friends. Over the years David has been asked many times to reform Gypsy’s Kiss but always said no, until they were invited to a festival in 2018.
With some new blood into the line-up but also former members from the past, GYPSY’S KISS are now releasing their debut album ”74”, yes, forty five years after formed.
This is classic rock with a lovable vintage hard rock feeling, melodic and ‘British’ from every corner.


01 – Take Me Down
02 – Gone for Good
03 – Better Than Me
04 – My Own Holy Grail
05 – Smoke and Mirrors
06 – Nothing to Say
07 – Traveller
08 – Arabesque
09 – The Man for All Seasons

David Smith (Lead vocals and Guitars)
Jonathan Morley (Guitars and vocals)
Fraser Marr (Guitars)
Ross Hunter (Keys and vocals)
Robin Gatcum (Bass and vocals)
Stuart Emms (Drums)

Terry Wapram (ex Iron Maiden guitarist)
Paull Sears (original Gypsy’s Kiss drummer)



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