AMERICAN CRUSH – American Crush (2021)

AMERICAN CRUSH - American Crush (2021) full

AMERICAN CRUSH is a Washington, DC area new rock ‘n roll band formed by world class pedigree musicians performing timeless classic rock / hard with a modern approach. Playing this kind of music, it’s not strange that their self-titled debut is being released by an overseas record label.
Yes, rock music rich in melody and refined harmonies isn’t much in vogue in America right now, but this is about to change thanks to bands like AMERICAN CRUSH.
Fronted by session powerhouse female vocalist Rekha Kaula, AMERICAN CRUSH has an ace up their sleeve; renowned guitarist Michael Fath. With a style reminiscent of Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Gary Moore, Fath released a couple of stupendous albums during the shredder golden era (late ’80s / early 90s), with hundreds of session recordings to his credit. And he shows his chops all over “American Crush”.
However, this is a band / album focused on songs and elaborated melodies, tasteful timeless classic American rock.

Just take as example the song “Paradise”. Rekha impress with with his vocal abilities inspired by the greats of contemporary rock, adding a touch of blues & soul to her performance, but rock nerve as well. There’s an amazing guitar work by Fath too, mixing things of Moore, Jeff Beck and Brian May into the solo.
There’s some songs with a Van Halenesque feel, others with funky rhythms, bluesy rockers, and more.

AMERICAN CRUSH surprises with their maturity (and quality) on this debut album, but this souldn’t be a surprise checking the band members curriculum vitae.
A refreshing, solid, entertaining slice of classic rock, very well executed & produced.
Highly Recommended


01 – L’Amérique
02 – The Look of Love
03 – Madness
04 – Dirty Algebra
05 – Soul of the Moon
06 – She’s a Warrior
07 – Miles to You
08 – Sinful Me
09 – Island Pearl
10 – Paradise
11 – Sacrificial Lion
12 – Savior

Rekha Kaula / Lead Vocals
Chris Neubauer / Bass & Vocals
Andy Hamburger / Drums & Vocals
Michael Fath / Guitars, Mandolin & Vocals



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