DANGEROUS CURVES – Summertime Highs (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

DANGEROUS CURVES - Summertime Highs (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Australian melodic hard rock / hair metal merchants DANGEROUS CURVES are back in the game with a new album entitled ”Summertime Highs”, inspired by the likes of their childhood heroes Bon Jovi, Kiss and Van Halen. Dangerous Curves formed in 2015 with one only one goal in mind; to bring back the music of the infamous LA scene of the late ’80s… with a modern twist.
While their last effort from three years ago resulted a fun collection of rockers, these wouldn’t have given you an inkling that the band were capable of putting together a new record so catchy and, well, just straight up enjoyable as ”Summertime Highs”.

The instantly catchy “In Those Eyes” begins things in fine style. It’s big and bombastic with a huge chorus and a very Roxy Blue feel to it, which is certainly no bad news to these ears. There are more than a few funky sleazy overtones on “My Oh My (Get What You Need)” and there is an urgency in the vocals which drags the listener in, with some fantastic backing vocals, and an epic little riff in the pre-chorus which leads in to yet another sensational chorus. Cammy Paul gives us a ripper of a solo here.

“Good And The Bad” is the perfect showcase for what I feel these guys do best, a brilliant catchy tune which has another massive chorus and a melody that deserves to propel it into any chart. This is Poison repurposed and spruced up for the modern age. It’s that good.
Tracks like ”Nightmare Games” are, in simple terms, right up there with anything that established hair metal retroactivists like Crazy Lixx are committing to wax right now. Built around a Cammy Shoobert riff that Eighties Gods Leatherwolf or Icon would have killed for ‘back in the day’, and buoyed by a quite superb vocal delivery from Kym Britten that really does send an unfeasible amount of voltage through the hairs on the back of the neck, this is astounding hair metal of world class ambition and execution.

“Fallen Off” is a semi-acoustic, lighter waving and singalong track with a fine subtle solo from Cammy, and yet another insistent chorus that will stay in your head for ages. The same can easily be applied to “Pieces of Your Love” which is all Reckless Love oomph and attitude.
The epic “Nightmare Games” is perfectly complimented by more fine rhythm section work from new bassist Will and drummer Luke on a song that will no doubt feature heavily in any live show, as will the raucous anthem “Foolish Appetite.” Proceedings end with the 79 second instrumental outro “SJS”.

There is a nice diversity of styles on ”Summertime Highs” that show the band members are experimenting further without losing hardly anything of the hook-laden, commercial appeal and driving melodies that are quickly becoming their trademark. The production is clear, the new member has slotted into this well-honed band seamlessly, and singer Kym has definitely never sounded better.
A fun slice of melodic, catchy r’n’r.
Highly Recommended


01. In Those Eyes
02. My Oh My (Get What You Need)
03. I Like It
04. Good And The Bad
05. Summertime Highs
06. Fallen Off
07. Pieces 0f Your Love
08. Living For The Now
09. Changing Lanes
10. Nightmare Games
11. Foolish Appetite
12. SJS

Kym – vocals
Cammy – guitars
Will Saw – bass
Luke – drums



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