NANTUCKET – Nantucket ’78 [Wounded Bird Records remastered]

NANTUCKET - Nantucket '78 [Wounded Bird Records remastered] full

By the time NANTUCKET were signed to Epic (1978), they had already amassed a strong following in their home state of North Carolina and the surrounding region with their relentless touring schedule and equally tenacious live performances (the band even won a spot opening for AC/DC on select dates of its U.S. tour).
However, unlike most Southern rock bands à la Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet, Nantucket had more in common with the arena rock sound of Boston or TOTO. The music and production values are on par with the aforementioned groups, and of course their self-titled debut needed a proper remastered CD reissue.
Great specialized label Wounded Bird Records came at the rescue of this a fun, melodic, no-frills rock & roll record, but it’s also the sound of a band struggling to harness its live energy (many Nantucket bootleg performances demand high prices from collectors) in the recording studio.
Out of print WOU very good remaster now being sold for over $100.
Highly Recommended


01 – Heartbreaker
02 – Never Gonna Take Your Lies
03 – Real Romance
04 – She’s No Good
05 – Born In A Honky Tonk
06 – It’s Getting Harder
07 – Girl, You Blew A Good Thing
08 – Spring Fever
09 – Quite Like You
10 – What’s The Matter With Loving You

Tommy Redd – guitars, lead and background vocals
Larry Uzzell – lead and background vocals, bass, percussion
Mike Uzzell – Moog bass, keyboards, lead and background vocals
Eddie Blair – keyboards, percussion, background vocals
Kenny Soule – drums and percussion
Mark Downing – lead, slide and acoustic guitars



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