AOR GYPZY – Sins Of Vice (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

AOR GYPZY - Sins Of Vice (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Based in Ohio, AOR GYPZY is a Melodic Rock / Synthwave project founded by guitarist / songwriter Tom Burr. As a big fan of ’80s culture, at the beginning Burr tried to add the video game / Miami Vice synth sound into the mix, but being a rocker at heart, most of the material recorded is quite rocking.
Burr teamed up with various vocalists for his songs, including Jason Vanek aka CrazyV from well established classic hard rockers Vandallus.
The result is a pretty awesome mix of US AOR circa 1988, 1989-style melodic hard rock riffs & solos, and 1985 synth atmospheres.
There’s a full album in the making, meanwhile we have here all the AOR GYPZY songs / standalone singles released by the band until know, including the early demos never released sent to us by Burr, all featuring lead vocals plus an instrumental.
This is very, very good folks!

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01 – Sins Of Vice (lead vocals Jason Vanek)
02 – Nukem Youth (lead vocals Jason Vanek)
03 – Soul In A Rose (lead vocals Jason Vanek)
04 – Dangerous Eyes (lead vocals Jason Vanek)
05 – Danger Calling [Icon Cover] (lead vocals Jason Vanek)
06 – Devil to Pay (lead vocals Geoffrey Mcgraw)
07 – Killer For Fun (lead vocals Bart Man)
08 – Fool Me Twice (lead vocals Calyx Kre)
09 – Mystery At Malibu

Tom Burr (Guitars, Bass, Synths)
Jason Vanek aka CrazyV (Vocals)
Geoffrey Mcgraw (Vocals)
Bart Man (Vocals)
Calyx Kre (Vocals)



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  1. Michael says:

    This really is outstanding! Love the Icon cover!

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