DRAMAH – Alter Ego (2021)

DRAMAH - Alter Ego (2021) full

DRAMAH is the new project of Spanish guitarist / keyboardist Chema Garcia, an experienced musician who has been part of many bands like Nocturnia, Desertica, Absidia, etc. Despite the cover artwork making you think about progressive / sympho music, “Alter Ego“, their second album, is a Melodic Hard Rock record with some AOR touches.
After their first album in 2011, Chema was busy with other projects, but about three years ago decided to give DRAMAH a new bump. He recorded two songs with current singer in veteran melodic rock act TNT, Baol Bardot Bulsara (included here as bonus tracks).
But Chema wanted a full-time vocalist, and he found Kike Fuentes (ex Epicurea, Midnight Minuet) which voice perfectly fits DRAMAH’s melodic rockers.

From the beginning with “Volar” we quickly got hooked by its rocking pulse, followed by “Nueva Era” with a more melodic tone and an elegant AOR touch. In the song “Siete Vidas” we find the female vocals of Ana De Tena in a dure with Fuentes, one of the best songs on the album.
Next, title track ”Alter Ego” showcases why DRAMAH has taken almost a decade for this second album; we can hear here attention to detail, refined arrangements and solid production.

“Luvia” is another highlight, starting with a melodic riff and a very interesting song progression. Kike Fuentes proves to be a strong shouter, providing different colors to each song. Just listen to “Extraños”, where his vocals reach a wider register.
There’s a remarkable AOR ballad on “Cien Mil Estrellas”, and the quality level doesn’t decay on song like “Cada Anochecer”, ”Quebrado”, ”Cada Anochecer”, etc.

While all songs are in Spanish language, the timeless melodic rock & AOR musicality of DRAMAH’s has no frontiers. A quality self-managed album that if given the proper promotion would make big waves among fans of the genre.
Highly Recommended


01 – Volar
02 – Nueva Era
03 – Siete Vidas
04 – Alter Ego
05 – Si Te Pierdo
06 – Cuando Se Pierda Lo Que Fui
07 – Sólo Tengo un Corazón
08 – Lluvia
09 – Extraños
10 – Cien Mil Estrellas
11 – Gea
12 – Quebrado
13 – Cada Anochecer
14 – Volar (Bonus Track Version feat Baol Bardot Bulsara)
15 – Lluvia (Bonus Track Version feat Baol Bardot Bulsara)

Chema Garcia – guitars, keyboards, bass, drums
Kike Fuentes – vocals
Ana de Tena – duet on 3
Diego García – sax in 9



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