NICK MANTOAN – Raw (2021)

NICK MANTOAN - Raw (2021) full

NICK MANTOAN is a young, skilled Italian guitarist who has been involved jazz/fusion projects composing & recording several albums. But the rock ’n’ roll is in his blood… In 2014 started his frontman career as rock vocalist and guitarist, and forming the band Nick’s Airlines, releasing two albums and boasting many shows in Europe.
In 2019 Nick decided to pursue a solo career, releasing by himself his solo debut CD and touring all central Europe until Sliptrick Records signed him and the result is “Raw“, his new solo album to be internationally distributed.
Despite its title, “Raw” is a polished rock n’ roll record driven by 80s-inspired big riffs and Nick’s clean bluesy vocals.

We find here 13 straight to the point songs, around the 3-minute mark. Nick is very attached to blues roots and good ole rock n’ roll, but there’s contemporary, interesting themes / lyrics about global current issues.
On ‘Stuck Him Up’ Nick points his finger against intensive farming, the brutality of humans not taking care at all of our planet (the rocking ‘Ruins’) and how television can shape our minds (‘Raw Test Tv Show’).

On some cuts you’ll find really deep, intimate and personal feelings including life stories about fear (‘Freezing My Bones’), the amazing and joyful experience of being a father (‘Faces’ and ‘(C’mon) On My Shoulders’) and very hard relationships (‘She Has Gone’).
Of course, you can also find the rough rock ‘n’ roll songs about pirate attitude (Trouble Maker), wild parties (the hard rocking ‘Feel The Beat’), life on the road (‘Stop ‘n’ Go’), and sex (‘Sexy Girl’).

“Raw because everybody can understand that, Raw because it is straight to the point, Raw because it is Rock ‘N’ Roll.” That’s what Nick Mantoan said about his new album. A very well done rocking collection of songs in the style of ’80s artists like Bryan Adams, updated in terms of sound production.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ruins
02 – Freezing My Bones
03 – Raw Test Tv Show
04 – Trouble Maker
05 – Faces
06 – Feel the Beat
07 – Boom
08 – Stop ‘n’ Go
09 – Sexy Girl
10 – (C’mon) On My Shoulders
11 – Stuck Him Up
12 – She Has Gone
13 – Slam Radio


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