INTERCORE – Dreams For Sale (2021)

INTERCORE - Dreams For Sale (2021) full

Released by Pride & Joy Records, “Dreams For Sale” is Sweden’s INTERCORE debut album, four years in the making. The time was well spent: it is an enjoyable, polished set of melodic hard rock songs.
Guitarist, songwriter and producer Raimo Rommedahl (ex Cousin Bill) and singer/guitarist Jesper Max (ex Friase) were touring musicians who met in early 2014. They shared a deep desire for making their own music and a dream of building their own professional studio. The result was the opening of premium Rockstone Studio in 2016.
In order to complete the lineup, they brought in drummer Thomas “Shuffle” Persson (ex Highlander) and bass player Robert Fallqvist, and InterCore born.
InterCore’s music is classic Scandinavian melodic hard rock: think current EUROPE with its bluesy traditional riffs & sound. There’s something of SCORPIONS, TREAT, THIN LIZZY too, all very well arranged & produced by Rommedahl & Max.

There’s strong, dynamic rockers here like the highlight ‘Kilimanjaro’, ‘Leave It All Behind’, ‘Little Sister’, title track ‘Dreams for Sale’ and you can only expect a feel-good tune from a song titled ‘Summerdream’.
There are two ballads on the album, ‘Mother Mary’ and ‘I Still Hear You’, where the bluesy feeling both in arrangements and Max’s voice appear.

InterCore’s mission is to spread the great classic rock music of the ’70s / 80s and ’90s into this century, with a traditional style & sound of this timeless genre.
Highly Recommended


01 – Summerdream
02 – Leave It All Behind
03 – Kilimanjaro
04 – Mother Mary
05 – Tomorrow Is Another Day
06 – Dreams for Sale
07 – I Still Hear You
08 – It’S Not a Dream
09 – Stars Are Mine
10 – Little Sister
11 – Trash in the Trunk

Raimo Rommedahl – guitars, backing vocals
Jesper Max – leal vocals, guitar
Robert Fallqvist – bass
Thomas “Shuffle” Persson – drums



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