PAUL CARRACK – One on One (2021)

PAUL CARRACK - One on One (2021) full

British Sheffield’s singer / songwriter PAUL CARRACK is rightly known as “the man with the golden voice”, with an impressive solo career but also as member of Mike + The Mechanics, Roxy Music, Squeeze, Roger Waters’ backing band and more. Indeed, if vocal talent equalled financial success, Paul Carrack would be a bigger name than legends such as Phil Collins or Elton John.
There are plenty more flattering epithets that critics and fans could confer on Paul – two off the top of the old head; “consistent” and “reliable”.
After many delays due the pandemic, finally his new solo album ‘One on One’ is being released today, and doesn’t disappoint – it’s both “consistent” and “reliable” and that “golden voice” has never sounded better.

Ironically Paul trailed the album last year with the single ‘Good And Ready’ and that’s the track that opens proceedings. It’s classic Carrack – tuneful, precise and drenched in blue-eyed soul and after his illness, the message is clear. Our man’s back.
The ten tracker offers plenty more messages that have a personal resonance – none more so than ‘I Miss You’. The song deals with the separation that the pandemic and various lockdowns have caused. I think that the song deals with Paul’s inability to see grandchildren but the sentiment will resonate to anyone separated from a loved one for any length of time.

The bluesy ‘Long Way To Go’ is another cut that could apply to the effects of Covid. Yes, we are making progress but it seems like “one step forward, two steps back!”. There is a bloody long way to go.
Other album highlights include the anthemic ballad ‘You’re Not Alone’ and the LP’s only cover – a lovely version of Charlie Rich’s ‘Behind Closed Doors’ – a song suited perfectly to Carrack’s warm and emotive voice.

This album’s title, by the way, reflects that Paul did (almost) everything on it himself. It was recorded in his own studio, most of the songs are his own, he’s the producer and arranger, he plays most of the instruments and he even mixed it all down.
There are cameo appearances from guitarist Robbie McIntosh and famed horn men Pee Wee Ellis, Dennis Rollins, Steve Beighton and Andy Greenwood. Backing vocals are down to Michelle John, but it’s that “golden voice” that dominates… consistently and reliably.


01 – Good and Ready
02 – A Long Way to Go
03 – I Miss You So
04 – You’re Not Alone
05 – Lighten Up Your Mood
06 – Precious Time
07 – When Love Is Blind
08 – Shame on You, Shame on Me
09 – Set Me Free
10 – Behind Closed Doors


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