MARTIN HALL – Stranger In The Light (2021)

MARTIN HALL - Stranger In The Light (2021) full

Now this is really nice surprise: Swedish guitar virtuoso, songwriter, producer and educator MARTIN HALL, from melodic hard rockers HEARTWIND, is releasing his first solo album “Stranger In The Light“.
And Hall has assembled an impressive line up for his venture: the great Apollo Papathanasio (GATHERING OF KINGS) handles the lead vocals, John Levén (EUROPE) & Nalle Påhlsson (LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM, GATHERING OF KINGS) both the bass duties, Kaspar Dahlqvist from melodic hard rockers NATION on keyboards, and Johan Kullberg (TALK OF THE TOWN) on drums.
These incredible musicians put their best on the 11 tracks on offer, with songs ranging from classic ’80-inspired Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock to traditional Hard Rock. There’s a couple of instrumentals of course, but what’s really amazing is the power and the quality of the song-format tunes.
Think KEE MARCELLO, ANDY TIMMONS, GEORGE LYNCH material with vocalists, or MARCELLO/VESTRY, EUROPE, TAKARA, etc, great songs all with vibrant production sound.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Heart & Soul
02 – Don´t Be A Fool Again
03 – Angels Betrayed
04 – Somewhere Tonight
05 – Bleeding Roses
06 – Stand The Test Of Time
07 – Don´t Tell Me Your Love Is Gone
08 – Underworld
09 – Concrete Dream
10 – Waiting For The Perfect Moment
11 – 47 Highstreet

Martin Hall – guitars
Apollo Papathanasio – vocals
John Levén, Nalle Påhlsson – bass
Kaspar Dahlqvist – keyboards
Johan Kullberg – drums



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