B.O.W – Brotherhood Of Wolves (2021)

B.O.W - Brotherhood Of Wolves (2021) full

Brotherhood Of Wolves” is B.O.W’s debut album, a project created in Spain by drummer Tommy Lopez and lyricist Vladimir Emelin, both collaborating with the late Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) on his last record. After his death, they decided to launch this classic hard rock band with material partially wrote for Hensley, but also fresh material.
Because the pandemic, Lopez & Vladimir Emelin found plenty of time to write and arrange a lot of new songs, so decided to record the whole thing and release “Brotherhood Of Wolves” as a 2-CD debut.
And while there’s a bunch of songs to digest here – twenty-three – to be honest the consistent quality is maintained throughout the 2 discs, no filler in sight. It really helps the varied styles on offer – ranging from Seventies hard rock to Eighties melodic rock and some AOR splash here and here.
Also vocalist Marco May is a versatile singer with perfect English, and despite B.O.W’s indie origin, production & mix is really good.

The guys are able to write punchy arena hard rockers, classic melodic midtempo tunes, classic rock ballads, and all with fine taste and tight performances.
The result is an entertaining double album with something for everyone, intended for a wide range of rock listeners, fans of timeless classic rock, a genre that will never die.
Highly Recommended


Disc I
01 – Our Last Tango
02 – The Foyer of My Life
03 – Cry of the Wind
04 – Wayfarer
05 – The Ghost of Time Apart
06 – Travel Van
07 – Wheatfield
08 – Wings of Love
09 – Burning Island
10 – A Road to You
11 – Dream Girl

Disc II
01 – Shout
02 – Hypocrisy
03 – War Combat Machine
04 – The Beginning of the End
05 – Cuts
06 – Open Door
07 – The Glitter of Poverty
08 – Rock and Roll of Glass and Metal
09 – Whisper of the Footsteps
10 – Crashing
11 – Defiant
12 – My Spanish Friend

Marco May – lead vocals
Tommy López – drums, vocals
Moises Cerezo – bass
Izzy Cueto – guitars, vocals
Rob Wolf – guitars
Omar – keyboards


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