B.O.W (Brotherhood Of Wolves) – Chasing Shadows (2023)

B.O.W (Brotherhood Of Wolves) - Chasing Shadows (2023) - full

Since formed a few years ago, melodic hard rockers B.O.W (Brotherhood Of Wolves) have been consistent releasing new material and after 2022’s ‘A Dump of Twisted Destinies’ now they are presenting the fresh opus “Chasing Shadows“. B.O.W formed in Spain by drummer Tommy Lopez and lyricist Vladimir Emelin, both collaborating with the late Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) on his last record. After Hensley’s death, they decided to launch this classic melodic hard rock band.
With a classic style from the ’80s and some AOR splashes here and here, “Chasing Shadows” is modern in terms of production, however with a timeless spirit, convincing riffs and concise songs.

This new album features new vocalist Diego Valdez (Drean Child, Helker) which smooth pipes perfectly fits the band’s songwriting. Former singer Marco May appears in a couple of tracks and a remix, while from Finland veteran rocker Rafa Castillo duets with Valdez on one song and performs another a sole lead.
Also from Finland, Jani Hölli (Waltari, LoveGod) provides keyboards, and as guests we find Rob Wolf, Baire, Dr. Guit on guitar and Ale Stabile on bass.

The album opens with the energetic rocker ‘I Don’t Give a Damn’ with a certain Scandinavian feeling, also upbeat is the driving ‘Dangerous Games’, but it’s on the midtempo ‘A Bad Dream’ where B.O.W stupendous AOR melodic delivery appears.
‘Dust of the Times’ offers a different approach, more atmospheric, and ‘I’m Not the Killer of Our Love’ is a powerful ballad embellished with synths which gain dynamism towards the end, with some kind of Black Sabbath’s 7th Star album vibe.
More quality melodic hard rock is served on ‘War Has No Face’ and ‘Army Ants’, we love the keyboard stabs on the AORish ‘Pain & Destruction’, while ‘Graves’ is an elegant ballad.

Well produced, with a sound being at the same time classic and modern, “Chasing Shadows” is a really entertaining Melodic Hard / AOR album that despite its 14 tracks never gets boring.
B.O.W is a very good band getting better and better with each new album.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Don’t Give a Damn
02 – A Bad Dream
03 – Dangerous Games
04 – Adrenaline
05 – Dust of the Times
06 – I’m Not the Killer of Our Love
07 – War Has No Face
08 – Cry of the Wind
09 – Army Ants
10 – Pain & Destruction
11 – Island
12 – Graves
13 – Teeth
14 – Army Ants (Pedro Vidal Remix)

Diego Valdez (Dream Child, Helker) – lead vocals
Tommy Lopez – drums, vocals
Alex Sabile – bass
Izzy Cueto – guitars, vocals
Rob Wolf – guitars
Omar Martinez – keyboards



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