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NIKKI STRINGFIELD - Apocrypha (2023) - full

NIKKI STRINGFIELD, guitarist for The Iron Maidens and Heaven Below, is poised to issue her debut solo album “Apocrypha“. This female rocker from Dallas, Texas, has recorded a collection of fresh songs with a hard rock groove and touches of metal brimmed with catchy hooks, sweet riffs, varied harmonies & vocals that introduce something entirely new for Stringfield.
While most know her as just a pure guitarist, this solo album allowed Nikki to showcase not just her instrumental abilities, but her writing and singing skills as well.
On “Apocrypha” Nikki’s sound is a combination of brooding metal with hard rock upbeat, anthemic nature. Of the twelve songs in the new album, each contains a new layer to the record, some slower and dark, while some energetic and fast-paced.
Produced by Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford Band), the album, as a whole, blends many different influences (including an unexpected cover of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”) to convey Nikki’s authentic and eclectic rock n’ roll artistry.

In today’s music world there is no shortage of women rockers. The women are showing that they are a force to be reckoned with. Nikki Stringfield is one of them.
”Apocrypha” (which means Forbidden Text in Greek) of course is a guitar driven album, but with the right place for melody. Nikki and husband Patrick Kennison (guitarist for Lita Ford) who also produce the album drop some electrifying riffs and solos all over.

Nikki’s voice is sweet and sultry that just pulls you in from the minute she starts to sing, but you will also be amazed at the music itself. This woman shows that she can stand toe to toe with anyone that’s in the music biz today.
The lyrics of each song are very well thought out and the music is played to perfection showing that she took her time to bring the most completed, solid result possible.

There is something for everyone and also a cover of Seal’s hit song “Kiss From A Rose”. The first song “No Surrender” will hook you from the start and then standouts for us are “Wasting Away” and “As Chaos Consumes”, and by the last song she will leave you looking forward to her next release.
Highly Recommended


01 – No Surrender
02 – The Spell
03 – Where the Demons Lie
04 – The Outsider
05 – Lunacy
06 – Save Me
07 – Kiss from a Rose
08 – Flesh and Bones
09 – Wasting Away
10 – As Chaos Consumes
11 – Sweet Insanity
12 – Unite

Nikki Stringfield: vocals, guitars
Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford / Heaven Below): guitars, backing vocals
Jesse Davidson (Ryder Waite): bass
Shad Wilhelm (Heaven Below): drums



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