TUPLE (Lazy Bonez, Tarot) – Paradise Lost (2023)

TUPLE (Lazy Bonez, Tarot) - Paradise Lost (2023) - full

TUPLE, the band of Finnish singer / songwriter Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela (also vocalist for TAROT, LAZY BONES and others) prove that it wasn’t just a side project but an established act, as they are ready to release their third full length album “Paradise Lost“.
On this new album the sound and song-wise TUPLE are more anthemic like never before. This guitar / keyboard-driven melodic hard rock with impressive multi-part harmonies, adding elements of glam and certain parallels to WIG WAM, GRAND DESIGN or even Norwegians RETURN. But this guy from Finland is able to push aside the genre’s limits to deliver something fresh.
Add in some incredible hooks on all tracks that will stick with you, and you have one of the best releases in this type of Scandinavian melodic rock we’ve heard so far this year. Salmela and company have a considerable amount of skill when it comes to nailing room filling choruses!

Let alone the track “Heroes” shine as well as the final and seven and a half minute long “Babylon”, a track about greed. Definitely their strongest album so far. A powerful and pristine production completes the picture here and adds to the fact that there are no fillers whatsoever.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Paradise Lost
02 – Get It Out
03 – Runaway Train
04 – Heroes
05 – Back Where You Started
06 – Dead Beat Clown
07 – Devil Inside
08 – Life Goes On
09 – Beyond Repair
10 – Tin Soldiers
11 – Babylon

Tommi “Tuple” Salmela – lead and backing vocals
Riitis – guitars, keys, backing vocals
Tom Rask – drums
Jykä Sirainen – bass


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