WICKED SMILE – Delirium +3 (out of print)

WICKED SMILE - Delirium +3 (out of print) full

As requested, here’s the now out of print WICKED SMILE debut ”Delirium” released last year in limited quantities. All songs will be part of the band’s upcoming October 15th album ‘Wait For The Night’
minus one, exclusive to this release. Additionally, there’s 3 tracks more from the new album, all released as standalone singles as well.
The music from this Australian band formed by experienced musicians has been co-written, produced & mastered by Paul Laine and Bruno Ravel, both from Danger Danger, so expect quality all over. WICKED SMILE’s brand of melodic hard rock with classic melodic metal is pretty unique, catchy and kick a$$ at the same time.

“We Fall” blast from the speakers with a heavy riff, a muscular guitar delivery and Danny Cecati’s vocals recalling a young Bruce Dickinson. “Stronger” rock with melody and some Ozzy styled bombast, then “Love’s Got A Hold On You” bashes me from several angles with Whitesnake in the beginning, and morphing into something like Bonfire and with an interesting vocal chorus. “Daze of Delirium” has a slightly ’80s Dio feel but sports a more infectious chorus and another fine vocal.

“Killer At Large” has a sleazier and hard rockier delivery than the previous tracks, a straight up rocker that is in and out before you know it. The play off this time is with the guitars, as one provides us with a high pitched rhythm while the other lays down some big power chords over the top.
The title track from the upcoming album, “Wait For The Night” changes things up structurally by including a pre-chorus and having the main riff also play throughout the verses. Cecati’s style of singing with these big rock riffs is a treat, and sets Wicked Smile apart from the current crop of hard rock bands, which in many ways are all starting to sound the same.

“Last Goodbye” has a Quiet Riot style to it with a cool Sunset Strip styled, overall effect that is certainly welcomed. I love how the chorus seems to down shift the momentum of the song with deeper notes instead of the typical way a chorus usually becomes more sprightly and upbeat. The song is definitely one of my favorites, and has a catchy chorus with some great lyrical content.

WICKED SMILE’s songs have purposely been written to be commercially friendly, even if they retain a fair bit of edge wrapped by a huge, vibrant production. If you are a fan of classic, straight up heavy rock that is meant to be played loud, then this band is definitely for you.
Highly Recommended


‘Delirium’ EP 2020 (out of print):
01 – We Fall
02 – Stronger
03 – Love’s Got A Hold On You
04 – Daze Of Delirium
from upcoming album ‘Wait For The Night’:
05 – Killer At Large
06 – Wait for the Night
07 – Last Goodbye

Danny Cecati – vocals
Stevie Janevski – guitar
Dave Graham – guitar
Glen Cave – bass
Jason Tyre – drums
Produced by Paul Laine
Mastered by Bruno Ravel



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