SHY TALK – Shy Talk ’85 [digitally remastered] (2021)

SHY TALK - Shy Talk '85 [digitally remastered] (2021) full

Now this is surprisingly and welcomed remastered reissue: SHY TALK‘s self-titled album from 1985. Founded by experienced musicians such as John Morelli, New York-based Shy Talk got signed by major label Columbia for a two album deal.
Produced by renowned Englishman Peter Solley, the LP “Shy Talk” delivered 10 songs of extremely catchy radio-friendly / Hi-Tech AOR tunes plenty of keys and that pristine mid-Eighties sound. They got a couple of videos on MTV rotation, good album sales and promising tours.
Shy Talk started to record a second album but unfortunately due internal troubles the group disbanded soon.

While they got a strong songwriting, musicianship, and the looks, the history of Shy Talk was ill-fated.
“Shy Talk” – the album – was recorded twice: first in L.A. with producer John Boylan but the results didn’t convinced the record label.
Then they hired Peter Solley, located in Florida, and in three weeks the band recorded the version we have today.

Next into the band plans are to release in 2022 that LA first-take version, and also some demos for the second LP that never was.
“Shy Talk” is feel-good, pure ’80s AOR stuff with some Canadian Hi-Tech AOR sound as well, a true delight for fans of the genre.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – She Was Always On Time (Not Anymore)
02 – Dreaming
03 – Excuse Me
04 – Still In Love
05 – That Is a Friend
06 – Second Best
07 – You’re Everything To Me
08 – Different World
09 – Do You Want Tears
10 – I’m Only Human

Lead Vocals – Dave Price
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Michael Nehra
Keyboards – David Bravo
Bass, Backing Vocals – Phil Garmyn
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – John Morelli



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