THE MAX – Vinyl Valentine [Retrospect Records release]

THE MAX - Vinyl Valentine [Retrospect Records release] full

Reissued / distributed by Retrospect Records, “Vinyl Valentine” was originally released by THE MAX in 1992 via a small record label. Formed by American brothers Kyle & John Brenner in the ’80s, THE MAX’s music is more identifiable with the Canadian sound from the era akin bands like Glass Tiger, Paul Janz, and some The Outfield , Cutting Crew, even some Mr. Mister.
“Vinyl Valentine” is a mostly midpaced AOR record mixed with rock&pop sensibility, elegant arrangement and pristine production.
Songs such as ‘If I Fall From Grace’, ‘Nevermore The Raven’, ‘Underneath It All’, ‘Another Good Story’, are sure to please fans of the genre with its delicate melodies and harmonies.
Highly Recommended


01 – Underneath It All
02 – Nevermore The Raven
03 – Lanissa
04 – When All I Have Is Taken
05 – Want You Back
06 – Rainbow Black
07 – If I Fall From Grace
08 – Another Good Story
09 – All The Wiser
10 – Footprints In My Garden
11 – Big Fat Blonde

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Cello – Kyle Brenner
Bass – Jock Holmes
Drums, Keyboards, Vocals – John Brenner
Backing Vocals – Jock Holmes


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