LEGGESY – Left Turn At Albuquerque [CD version / unreleased ’80s recordings] (2021)

LEGGESY - Left Turn At Albuquerque [CD version / unreleased '80s recordings] (2021) full

LEGGESY were a hard rock outfit from Albuquerque, New Mexico, which independently recorded, produced and released on Halloween 1987 a self-titled cassette which instantly sold out its initial pressing, however only distributed locally. LEGGESY would also appear alongside BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and ALICE COOPER on the internationally released hard rock compilation “High-Intensity Discharge” with two tracks – “Lace By Name” and “Custom Made Lover” – released in November 1988.
Now these and all the songs the band recorded between 1987-1989 are being released on two CD’s, one of them titled “Left Turn At Albuquerque“. Each disc features bonus tracks not present into the digital download versions.
Musically, LEGGESY style was some kind of mix between KISS, early ICON, ROUGHT CUTT, some late ANGEL & more: a pompy melodic hard rock sound in the American way.

The track “Custom Made Lover” would receive a great amount of airplay on Z-Rock coast-to-coast radio, broadcast out of Dallas. The song was played three times a day on Z-Rock’s “Too New” show.
A video of the song was filmed and produced with footage shot using KGGM Channel 13’s (CBS) helicopter of the band performing on the roof of the then Holiday Inn Pyramid building in Albuquerque, NM.

Back in the ’80s there was a chance for a major record deal when a management invited the band to relocate in Los Angeles and test the audience in the club circuit, but most LEGGESY members refused to move on. LEGGESY would have two more tracks appear on the compilation album, “Southwest Edge” released on April 6, 1990, before disbanding.
All their recordings, remastered from best possible sources are included here, and while sound quality varies, overall is good enough to discover another band from the effervescent Eighties US rock scene.
Highly Recommended


01 – Custom Made Lover
02 – Lace By Name
03 – Everlasting Dream
04 – C U Soon
05 – I’m Gonna Leave You
06 – Hang Your Prey
07 – Action-Reaction
08 – Duchess Of The Dark
09 – The Strength Within
10 – Time To Run
11 – Rock Steady

Eddie Perea – Lead and backing vocals, guitar
Neil Gido – Bass, backing vocals, guitar
Paul “Saw” La Pierre – Guitars, backing vocals
D.K. Warner – Drums, backing vocals
P.M. Knight – keyboards



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