BLUE TEARS – Blue Tears [Japan HR-HM 1000 Vol.4 series] (2022)

BLUE TEARS - Blue Tears [Japan HR-HM 1000 Vol.4 series] (2022) full

Universal Music Japan has started this year another campaign of their ‘HR/HM 1000‘ series, that meaning the reissue of long time out of print albums from their Hard Rock / Heavy Metal catalog at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9,5 USD.
As part of the 2022 HR-HM 1000 Vol.4 series it was reissued the long out of print BLUE TEARS debut album “Blue Tears“, a wonderful disc of ’80s melodic rock / AOR. Despite of being released via major label MCA, “Blue Tears” resulted criminally underrated and deserved better promotion.

Frontman, multi-instrumentalist and almost sole writer for the band, Gregg Fulkerson, had a great, passionate voice, especially on the ballads where his voice matches perfectly with the emotional tones of the songs he wrote. Listen to a track like ‘True Romance’ and you will hear it for yourself.
With a sound production like a cross between 1986 Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, this record actually produced a few minor hits upon it’s release; ‘Rockin’ With The Radio’ and ‘Innocent Kiss’. Both are fantastic, upbeat melodic rockers.

The band originated back in 1983, originally named Sahara, and had a bit of fame in the late 1980’s in the club circuit and thanks to some local stations picking up some of their demos.
By the time this album released this genre of music was on it’s way out and the band never reached the fame they truly deserved and undoubtedly would have gotten if they had released the album a few short years earlier.
HIGHLY Recommended


H R / H M 1000 SERIES

01. Rockin’ With The Radio
02. Crush
03. Blue Tears
04. Take This Heart
05. Halfway To Heaven
06. Innocent Kiss
07. Racing With The Moon
08. Kiss Me Goodbye
09. True Romance
10. Thunder In The Night

Gregg Fulkerson – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Michael Spears – Bass, Background Vocals
Bryan Hall – Guitars, Background Vocals
Charlie Lauderdale – Drums



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    Sorry, but sounds it like original ’90 release.

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