COBRA SPELL – Anthems Of The Night (2022)

COBRA SPELL - Anthems Of The Night (2022) full

International combo COBRA SPELL – 3 woman, 2 men from Netherlands / Italy / France – are releasing their new album “Anthems Of The Night“, and musically it’s true to the definition by themselves; ”We are a Heavy Rock band stuck in the ’80s”. Just take a look at the album cover…
Cobra Spell is the brainchild of guitarist Sonia Anubis (Crypta, ex-Burning Witches) and Sebastian Silva, both founding the band as an outlet for the passion for 80s metal. Since Silva left the band, Cobra Spell is very much driven by Sonia who, together with band mates Angelina Vehera, Alexx Panza (Hitten), Léonard Cakolli and Esmée van Sinderen, recorded the songs which are – by the way – pure ’80s US melodic metal / glam metal anthems.

Indeed the artwork of this album sets the tone of voice with its metallic glam metal factor. Everything goes hand in hand since artwork and music are a perfect match. There is the thundering ‘Addicted to the Night’ in pole position on the track listing. Equipped with a good melody and blasting riffs, listening to the song is like traveling back in time.

The pounding ‘The Midnight Hour’ is a next and it’s the spirit of rock’n’roll that fuels this song with power before ‘Steal My Heart Away’ brings catchiness where the chorus with its sing-along melody is the key element.
A sound of a roaring engine starts ‘Accelerate’. Blistering leads and a hard-working rhythm section provide a good drive for this NWoBHM inspired metal smasher that reminds a lot of 1983 Judas Priest.

‘Poison Bite’ is a killer ’80s metal tune with some electrifying guitar lines and solos combining with a blinding melody that makes the song feel like the kind of epic song that should be playing as a movie hero confronts his nemesis, or as you reach the final boss of an ’80s videogame.
The band cleverly choose to roughly alternate between the slower and more glam jams of ‘Come on Tonight’ and ‘Love Venom’ .

Cobra Spell have very wisely gone with a sharp and clear, yet raw mix that recalls the kinds of records this album can proudly stand aside, such as Warlock’s Triumph and Agony, Judas Priest’s British Steel or Keel’s debut.

This is clearly a loving homage to the great moments in the late ’70s and ’80s of the traditional melodic metal / hard rock scene, and if you didn’t get told Cobra Spell were a modern band and they were on in a record shop or round a mate’s house, you’d think they were contemporaries with Kiss, Warlock, Priest or the like.
If you put a any cut from this album on an ’80s throwback flick, people would be shocked I’m sure to hear that the track was from 2022 and not 1986. The homage is bang on the money throughout.
If you dig traditional melodic metal or glam metal / glam rock in any way, this is a must. The international crew of the good ship Cobra Spell will steer you right, trust me.
Highly Recommended


01 – Addicted To The Night
02 – The Midnight Hour
03 – Steal My Heart Away
04 – Accelerate
05 – Come on Tonight
06 – Poison Bite
07 – Love Venom
08 – Shake Me

Alexx Panza – Vocals
Sonia Anubis – Lead guitar
Esmée van Sinderen – Rhythm guitar
Angelina Vehera – Bass
Léonard Cakolli, Marco Prij – Drums
Additional guitars by Sebastian Silva



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