PLACE CALLED RAGE – Place Called Rage (Escape Music Digitally Remastered) HQ

PLACE CALLED RAGE - Place Called Rage (Escape Music Digitally Remastered) HQ full

Super-group known as PLACE CALLED RAGE was formed way back in 1995 to record an album representing the Long Island (NY) rock n’ roll sound. From California to the Jersey shore, even Seattle had their own sound, but no one band ever represented one of the greatest musical hot spots of the world; Long Island has always been the go to place for great musicians.
Along came 4 top guys; great six-string scorcher Al Pitrelli, (Alice Cooper, Asia, Danger Danger), vocalist Tommy Farese (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rondinelli), bass player Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult, Queen) and Chuck Bonfante on drums from great melodic rockers Saraya. They got as well a little help from some friends such as refined keyboard player Mark Mangold of Touch / Drive She Said fame.
“Place Called Rage” was released privately only In Japan, in limited quantities. These songs have never been performed live anywhere as well, as was a one-time collaboration on a project that was never meant to be.
Fortunately, after all these years of cult status, “Place Called Rage” has been officially released for the first time, remastered with a 24-bit processing.

There was virtually no budget for this album, and somehow they managed to record it in one week at Millbrook Studio NY, engineered by Paul Orafino (Tyketto).
It might be best to describe the ‘Long Island’ sound of Place Called Rage as classic hard rock with melody and a bluesy approach. Most of the songs – provided by Pitrelli & Farese – were recorded in one take with no overdubs, and the adrenaline put on these tunes can be heard with pleasure.

As usual, Al Pitrelli rocks with his trademark thick sound playing interesting riffs & solos, Tommy Farese’s vocals are strong and the rhythm section is solid as a rock, while Mangold’s ivory fills provides melody to the music.
Overall, this is a classy album of authentic American Hard Rock, energetic, vital.

“I Know Where You Been” opens with an Alice Cooper vibe but takes off on its own path quickly. Farese’s vocals are earthy and dirty, the guitar riffs are simple but Al Pitrelli keeps you on your toes with more interesting fills, and the keyboards put some melody.
Title track “Place Called Rage” feels more restrained but bursts out in the pre-chorus / chorus. The whole thing is a mix of classic rock with some acoustic/bluesy elements with a bit of a heavier Blue Oyster Cult feel too it.
As the album rolls on — yes it feels like its rolling — you can tell the skill of the musicians from the way the layers of each song work together so effortlessly.

Despite the argued low budget this recording sounds very good, raw yet clear and with a sweaty packed club vibe. It’s a credit to these skilled musicians that this album sounds this good.
“Place Called Rage” is pure bluesy Hard Rock with the groove of Badlands and the melody of Tyketto, performed with class.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Know Where You Been
02 – Place Called Rage
03 – Trapped
04 – Take It Lying Down
05 – Someday
06 – One Child
07 – What These Eyes Have Seen
08 – Can’t Find My Way Home
09 – Jenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
10 – Thunderbox
11 – Where Not Coming Home
12 – Chained To A Maniac

Al Pitrelli – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Tommy Farese – Lead Vocals
Danny Miranda – Bass
Chuck Bonfante – Drums & Percussion
Mark Mangold – Keyboards



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