85 REWIND – Magic Hour (2022)

85 REWIND - Magic Hour (2022) full

85 REWIND is a brand new synthwave / rock band from Germany, which style is a bodacious mix of electric guitar driven rock with synths / keyboards plenty of catchy melodies / harmonic vocals with powerful meanings that will take you back to the time of your childhood heroes.
Their debut album is titled “Magic Hour“, and since the cover artwork you know the ’80s culture is all over this band’s style. It’s a poster replicating Eighties movies / series promo banners, even it says ‘Season One’. And indeed the album works like a TV series full season as the songs tell a story as a whole.
“Magic Hour” is not just an album, this is a season with a storyline that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The year is 1985 – when Miami Vice was on TV, Back to the Future opened in cinemas and the Nintendo Entertainment System was launched, all great memories from our past, while the music from then still sounds like the future, somehow.
Musically, 85 REWIND isn’t just synthwave, this is a real rock band with electric guitar, real drums, and vocals on all songs.

You just can’t resist to songs like ‘Burning Lights’, ‘Stay’, ‘Die Young’, ‘Do You Remember’, combining pulsating rhythms with really good melodies, smooth vocals and swirling guitar solos.
Any of these tracks easily could have been part of Top Gun or Iron Eagle movie soundtracks, and ‘The Tide’ ot ‘Open Sky’ find a place on radio station four decades ago.

85 REWIND is a really welcomed new band mixing synthwave with rock instrumentation and lead vocals like many do nowadays like LeBrock, Magic Dance and recently Reckless Love.
Pure ’80s-like stuff.
Highly Recommended


01 – Burning Lights
02 – Hide and Seek
03 – Die Young
04 – The Tide
05 – Do You Remember
06 – Stay
07 – Open Sky
08 – In the Sun

Andreas Dentler – lead and backing vocals on all songs
Chris Schlagenhaufer – guitar, synths, keys
Volker Goldfuss – guitar, synth-guitar
Alex Hantzsch – real drums, synths, keys



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