TRACI TREXX MIDNITE BLUES – Blood, Death & Tequila (2022)

TRACI TREXX MIDNITE BLUES - Blood, Death & Tequila (2022) full

TRACI TREXX MIDNITE BLUES is the new band of Swedish glam rockers Vanity BLVD guitarist Traci Trexx, who in its debut album ”Blood, Death & Tequila” takes the lead vocal duties as well. While Vanity BLVD is known for its glittery ’80s glammy hard rock, for his own band Trexx wanted a more classic bluesy hard rock style with a sound and style mixing elements of Mountain, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Winery Dogs, etc.
To get a lively ’70s lively feel Trexx ain for a power-trio sound, so the band is completed with Anna Skoglund (ex Vanity BLVD) on bass and Tommy Viklund on drums.
Produced by Jonas Kjellgren, one of Sweden’s finest specialists in that matter, ”Blood, Death & Tequila” delivers a very cool mix of classic bluesy hard rock, arena rock and southern in a new fresh modern way.

Songs like ‘I Want You Back’, ‘Blood, Death & Tequila’, and ‘Six Feet Under’ are pure rock’n’roll tunes with swinging riffs & solos, while ‘Road Danger’ and ‘Fresh New Sin’ add a more street sleazy touches with a bit of L.A. Guns on it.
The groove and vibe of ‘Rock This Town’ brings to mind Ace Frehley solo, then there’s Seventies glam catchiness to ‘Let’s Move’ in a The Sweet style adding nice keyboards in the background.

Traci Trexx not only is a very good guitar player, he proves to be a capable singer too and he and his band have captured on ”Blood, Death & Tequila” the sound and atmosphere of the classic hard rock power-trio. Kudos to producer Jonas Kjellgren who obviously has given the band room to play freely and condensing everything into effective 4-minute rockers.
Really good classic hard rock with an American sound but hailing from Scandinavia.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blood, Death & Tequila
02 – I Want You Back
03 – Road Danger
04 – Rock This Town
05 – Let’s Move
06 – Fresh New Sin
07 – Six Feet Under
08 – The Last Train

Traci Trexx: Vocals, Guitars (Vanity BLVD)
Anna Skoglund: Bass guitar (ex Vanity BLVD)
Tommy Viklund: Drums



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