TYGERS OF PAN TANG – A New Heartbeat + ‘The New Sessions’ (2022)

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - A New Heartbeat + 'The New Sessions' (2022) full

Almost forty-five years passed since formed in 1978, and British hard rock / metal legends TYGERS OF PAN TANG are still alive and kickin’. The Tygers will forever be revered for being a part of the foundational NWOBHM movement. In spite of a few periods of hiatus, including one that lasted 12 years, the English act has been carrying the true rock torch.
Tenacity is a core facet that binds and propels any act that stands the test of time, and it served the Whitley Bay band well during the pandemic and related lockdown. The collective made the most of its downtime by recruiting new guitarist Francesco Marras and bassist Huw Holding.
They also wrote and demoed their next album, in addition to creating this new release, “A New Heartbeat” (mastered by First Signal / Harem Scarem’s Harry Hess), including new songs and re-recordings of TYGERS OF PAN TANG classics with the new line up.
A release that’s enjoyable for fans of the style and who value the old ways while appreciating modern hard rock and metal sensibilities.

The release includes re-recorded tracks from their ’80s albums. The new versions with the new line up somewhat capture the primitive and feral quality that ran through the band’s veins so many years ago; however, the production aesthetic and execution are much more modern.
With that said, the delivery doesn’t seem robotic, and the sound isn’t overly polished. The Tygers still rock, hard.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG aren’t as wild as they were in the early days – they are veteran professionals now, but the fire is still there.
One of the new songs, the title track, is a robust and energetic fistful of melodic guitar-driven power that straddles the fence between classic metal and a more contemporary take on hard rock. It’s the kind of song that might appeal to fans of bands as varied as Judas Priest to Dokken.
The other new song, “Red Mist”, maintains that feel-good energy while introducing a slightly more grimacing quality.

Sure, some purists may scoff since Robb Weir is the band’s only remaining original member. But the makeup of long-running bands obviously changes more often than not.
Incorporating the spirit of their earliest of days, “A New Heartbeat” proves that this classic band isn’t scared of infusing new blood and new ideas in to keep their signature style of traditional metal / hard rock exciting and challenging.
This new release is pleasing and plenty of ‘feline fury’ and suggests that the next album has plenty of fat that’s worth chewing upon.
Highly Recommended


01 – A New Heartbeat (New Song)
02 – Red Mist (New Song)
03 – Fireclown (Re-Recorded)
04 – Killers (Re-Recorded)
05 – Raised On Rock (Re-Recorded)
06 – Gangland (Re-Recorded)
07 – Don’t Say Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Gonna Die (Re-Recorded)
08 – Love Potion No. 9 (Re-Recorded)
09 – Don’t Touch Me There (Re-Recorded)

Robb Weir – guitars
Francesco Marras – guitars
Gav Gray, Huw Holding – bass
Craig Ellis – drums
Jack Jacopo Meille – vocals
Mastered by Harry Hess



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