JOHN VALENTI – Anything You Want [P-VINE Japan remaster Ltd. Release] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

JOHN VALENTI - Anything You Want [P-VINE Japan remaster Ltd. Release] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox* full

As requested, here’s the recent Japanese remastered reissue of ”Anything You Want”, the debut album from American crooner JOHN VALENTI, considered one of the first LP’s with the Westcoast AOR sound that would became popular in years to come.
Originally going by the name John Livigni, his talents had been stewing for some time in the run-up to this 1976 release. And yet, after supporting smooth pop arrangements for one of the few white bands signed to Motown records, few could have predicted Valenti’s snarling and soulful lead vocals across these eleven tracks.
A record that’s as wonderful as it is obscure – at least for some time, as remained decades out of print – ”Anything You Want” was re-discovered by FM radio at the end of the Seventies and become a favorite.
Oh, and there’s a young guitarist named Jay Graden dropping some amazing solos – a session god that later would change his artistic name to Jay Graydon.

From album opener and title track “Anything You Want,” Valenti establishes a hypnotic connection, and album highlight “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” is as moving as it is an encompassing display of Valenti’s soul power.
The tunes are catchy, positive, and have some nice jazzy smooth – and although Valenti clearly never made it into the big leagues as a 70s star, the record’s still a pretty tasty little set in the right moments.
The arrangements have plenty of funk, and Valenti’s vocal phrasing is the kind that many future Westcoast artists would adopt. He does a good cover of Jackie Wilson’s “Higher & Higher” too.

As said, an album precursor of the Westcoast / soft rock sound of the late Seventies / early Eighties, greatly remastered by Japan company P-Vine.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Anything You Want
02 – Was It Something I Said
03 – I Wrote This Song for You
04 – Morning Song
05 – Time After Time
06 – Why Don’t We Fall in Love
07 – Higher & Higher
08 – Save Me
09 – The Day After You
10 – I Love Her Too
11 – That’s the Way Life Goes

Vocals – John Valenti
Guitar – Dean Parks, John Pechickjian, Thom Rotella
Guitar solos – Jay Graden (Jay Graydon)
Keyboards – Joey Spinazola, Mike Melvoin, Sonny Burke (2)
Bass – Jim Hughart
Drums – Ed Greene, Jim Gordon



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