KISS THE VYPER – Hope You Like It (2022)

KISS THE VYPER - Hope You Like It (2022) full

KISS THE VYPER are an Australian Hard Rock / AOR band leaning towards a more melodic style of music in the style of bands that made the genre big during the ’80s. The group is the brainchild of Australian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer Bobby Miller. He played in a few other bands like NOBODY‘S FOOL in the UK and DELTA 7 in Australia. But KISS THE VYPER is his main love where he can combine his vision of 80s Melodic Rock with the street attitude of the sunset Strip glorious and decadent era.
Together with Corrie Antipatico (Drums), Rob Bodger (Bass), Deb Star (Backing Vocals) and the help from WHITE WIDDOW guitarist Enzo Almanzi and FROZEN TEARS keyboard player Jon Power he recorded the new album “Hope You Like It” to be released soon.

And indeed there are some great Eighties inspired songs here. ‘Back to Hollywood’ has a strong riff and melodic chorus that contains a cool break where the instruments cut out around the vocals before reintroducing the instruments again. Change-ups like that done well always get the blood pumping.
‘Won’t Break Your Heart’ and ‘When Worlds Collide’ mix together glam rock and AOR very effectively creating catchy pop-infused songs that are fun to sing, dance, or drive along to.

‘Kiss from an Angel’ has a great stand-out chorus. It takes a bit for the song to get to it, but it’s worth the wait. It is tied with ‘Back to Hollywood’ as our favorite tracks on the album.
Not all the songs are winners though. I believe ballad ‘Give Me the Night’ is sung in too high a register. It does not fit the emotion of the words. It should have been more passionate, with a sense of longing.

“Hope You Like It” delivers a fun set of songs with all the things we love from ’80s melodic rock-related music. It’s fun and entertaining, well written and performed. However production – and especially the mix – could be better.
KISS THE VYPER has the mojo, just needs to improve sonics for the next album, maybe with an outside producer and an expert to mix / master the whole thing.
Anyway, an enjoyable slice of ’80s melodic rocking stuff.


01 – Hope You Like It
02 – Back to Hollywood
03 – Won’t Break Your Heart Again
04 – Give Me the Night
05 – Kiss from an Angel
06 – Make Love Like Strangers
07 – Somewhere in Time
08 – Palace of Pleasure
09 – Sweet Sticky Sex
10 – When Worlds Collide
11 – Don’t Leave Me Lonely

Bobby Miller: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Rob Bodger: Bass, backing vocals
Corrie Antipatico: Drums
Deb Star: Backing vocals
Enzo Almanzi: guest Guitar
Jon Power: guest Keyboards


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