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91 SUITE - Back In The Game (2022) HQ - full

91 SUITE, one of the finest AOR acts from Spain, are releasing their new album properly titled “Back In The Game”, their comeback, first full length album in almost twenty years. The group released two really good albums celebrated by the AOR community, and after some member’s personal projects, 91 SUITE reunited again in 2017 to organize 91 Suite’s 20th Anniversary tour, and the response resulted so successful the guys decided to stat to work in a new album.
This is classy, very classic AOR / Melodic Rock in sound & production, songs with sweet choruses and rich harmony vocals all over the place. And they have the unique Robin Beck on guest vocals.

If you never heard 91 Suite, you’ll be surprised by the songwriting quality, and their stupendous musicianship / musicality. Take equal parts of FM, Lionville, Bon Jovi, Wild Rose, add a dash of Mr. Big and Hardline, and you have a hint of 91 Suite’s sound – but they own much more.
Opener ‘Starting All Over’ is wonderfully arranged and delivered little Melodic Rock gem. Seriously, this is one of the best dongs in the genre I heard this year.
But 91 Suite loves AOR, pure AOR I’d say, and follower ‘Perfect Rhyme’ is a brute diamond. Candy floss pianos / synths, heavenly guitars and Jesus clean, clear vocals for a winner. You’ll fell in love with this song, bringing to mind vintage Virgina Wolf, FM … WOW

Joyful melodic guitars and a pumping bass line are the main heart of ‘Nothing Left for Us’… melodic rock at its best. A mix of Strangeways and Lionville. Awesome tune!
‘Something About You’ is the first ballad here, an AOR ballad yet with a rock pulse, akin 1988 Bon Jovi, and I would add Def Lepp / Hysteria feel in terms of sonic delivery. Killer sweet song. Then, ‘All for Love’ rock harder, driven by a monster Mr. Big-like guitar riff, some Hardline in the chorus, and massive harmonies. Darn, 91 Suite rocks greatly too…

And you got more and more melodies in songs to come, a pretty long track list but never boring, and where the duet with Robin Beck, the track ‘Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You’, is one of the highlights.
“Back In The Game” packs some of the best Melodic Rock / AOR tunes you’ll hear this year, BELIEVE ME.
And yes, 91 Suite is one of THE comeback acts of the year. Do yourself a favor and GRAB this NOW.


01 – Starting All Over
02 – Perfect Rhyme
03 – Nothing Left For Us
04 – Something About You
05 – All For Love
06 – I Am The One
07 – Sunrise Of Your Love
08 – Once In A Lifetime
09 – Back In The Game
10 – Reach Higher
11 – Love And Learn
12 – Fuck Me Up
13 – The Way To Your Heart
14 – Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You (feat. Robin Beck)

Jesus Espin
Ivan Gonzalez
Paco Cerezo
Mario Mallo
Antonio Munoz
David Koto



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