91 SUITE – 91 Suite [YesterRock remaster + 4 Bonus Tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

91 SUITE - 91 Suite [YesterRock remaster + 4 Bonus Tracks] full

And here’s 91 SUITE celebrated first self-titled album, in its YesterRock team remastered reissue including 4 Bonus Tracks, presented at 0dayrox in exclusive. When “91 Suite” originally appeared in 2002, instantly put a big smile on our AOR faces. At the time the genre still remained in the underground, and while many musicians sold their souls to modern trends to get a charting single, 91 Suite did what they loved so much: classic second half of the ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock music.
Mixed by Mark Mangold (Drive She Said, Touch) in NY, “91 Suite” ignited the AOR spark in UK, Central Europe and Japan, where the CD was released including an exclusive bonus track, also present into this YesterRock / Schmankerl Records remastered reissue.

91 Suite – the band – is formed by trained musicians with an unequivocal love for 80s melodies, particularly second half of the Eighties Melodic Rock / AOR, with influences from North America and Europe.
I still remember the first time I played the original edition of this album… wow, is this a lost 1987 album?
Not at all, “91 Suite” was composed and recorded at the beginning of this new Millennium, yet with the heart put fifteen years before.

Mixing Slippery-era Bon Jovi, Strangeways, FM, Giant, Europe, Dalton , etc, all songs into “91 Suite” are lovely examples that AOR / melodic rock music never will die.
Apart from these influences, 91 Suite does not stick to one formula; there’s catchy songs with verses / chorus like
in the AOR magic of ‘Down to You’, ‘Hard Rain’, the great ‘Give Me The Night’ or ‘Wherever I Am’, buth other numbers go for a more elaborated environment, based in the hookline, like ‘The Day She Left”, the strong ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ or power ballad ‘Lost In The Silence’.
‘Hurt And Pain’ is another fav of mine, pure ’80s AOR including fluffy keyboard lines to love.

91 SUITE - 91 Suite [YesterRock remaster + 4 Bonus Tracks] back

This YesterRock remaster handled by resident Toni Übler adds more punch to the dynamic output of the music, plus you have 4 bonus, the original Euro & Japan edition bonuses, and 2 songs sung in Spanish; All Is Love / ‘Un Dia Mas’, and Time To Say Goodbye / ‘Si El Mundo Tiene Un Fin’, both sounding very cool.
A HIGHLY Recommended CD for your AOR weekend.


01 – The Day She Left
02 – Down to You
03 – Time To Say Goodbye
04 – Lost In The Silence
05 – Hard Rain
06 – Chances
07 – Hurt And Pain
08 – All Is Love
09 – Give Me The Night
10 – I Will Stand By You
11 – Chance Of A Lifetime
12 – Wherever I Am

13 – Answer To My Prayers (European Bonus Track)
14 – Dreaming (Japan Bonus Track)
15 – Un Dia Mas (Spanish) [Reissue Bonus]
16 – Si El Mundo Tiene Un Fin (Spanish) [Reissue Bonus]

Jesus Espin – lead and background vocals
Ivan Gonzalez – guitar, background vocals
Paco Cerezo – guitar, background vocals
Dani Marata – keyboards and background vocals
Mario Martinez – drums and percussion


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