91 SUITE – Times They Change (2nd album)

91 SUITE - Times They Change (2nd album) full

As a natural consequence after the excellent new 91 SUITE material featured here, it’s mandatory to post as well the band’s other 2 albums. With their critically acclaimed first record – which sold very well in UK, Central Europe and Japan – 91 Suite were absolutely in love with their favorite genre; AOR.
For “Times They Change”, the Spaniard’s second effort, the group added a certain edge to the guitars, and musically a little more Melodic Rock oriented. With 14 tracks to enjoy here, there’s something for everyone.

Proof of the CD rocking punch is heard after the atmospheric ‘Intro’, with ‘Seal It With A Kiss’, a dynamic rocker driven by the guitar riff and Espin’s powerful clean pipes. The guitar solo rocks hard, providing even more the aforementioned edge.

This approach is heard as well on ‘Every Day Goes By’, ‘Stand Beside You’, and ‘Hopes And Dreams’ which while it’s a midpaced track it packs muscle, but delicious layers of harmonies too.
Also closer ‘Remember The Good Times’ rocks with a feel-god vibe and very nice lyrics.

Of course the AOR find its place all over here, namely ‘I Wanna Be In Love’, power ballad ‘Stand Beside You’ or ‘Will You Ever’, and into every song despite being a rocker.
91 Suite is formed by skilled musicians and songwriters, with nothing to envy to their Scandinavian colleagues.

91 SUITE - Times They Change - back

“Times They Change” is a really good Melodic (Hard) Rock / AOR album, very well produced & mixed. Put this besides Harem Scarem, Zeno, First Signal, Nineties Bon Jovi… and let me tell you a secret… 91 Suite are even better than many of these.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Seal It With A Kiss
03 – I Wanna Be In Love
04 – Tell Me Why
05 – Far Away
06 – Times They Change
07 – Every Day Goes By
08 – Hopes And Dreams
09 – Another Reason
10 – Wings Of Fire
11 – Stand Beside You
12 – Hard To Forget
13 – Will You Ever
14 – Remember The Good Times

Jesus Espin – lead vocals
Ivan Gonzalez – guitars, backing vocals
Francisco J. Cerezo – guitars
Antonio M. Ruiz – bass
Daniel Moratta – keyboards
Mario Mallo – drums, percussion


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