WARRIOR (Perry McCarty) – Fighting For The Earth ’85 [YesterRock remastered reissue] *HQ*

WARRIOR (Perry McCarty) - Fighting For The Earth '85 [YesterRock remastered reissue] *HQ*

As requested, here’s the mighty ”Fighting For The Earth” album from US metal WARRIOR originally released in 1985 in its remastered reissue handled by reputed YesterRock resident Tony Übler.
Not to be confused with the band of the same name featuring Vinnie Vincent / Cusano, this Warrior was formed in California in 1982 by powerful shouter Perry McCarty (Rough Cutt, Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys) and Japanese-American guitarist Tommy Asakawa.
This killer metal record showcases Warrior being strongly influenced by Judas Priest however with a solid mid-80s US imprint. Parramore Perry McCarty’s powerful screaming metallic vocals are perfectly complemented by the twin guitar attack of Asakawa and second axeman Joe Floyd to create a heavy and the same melodic atmosphere. ‘That sound’ from the era.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Warrior (and indeed, about most bands of this style) is the charismatic singer. Perry McCarty just has one of those classic voices that screams “metal” (even when he’s not actually screaming). He’s powerful and classy as he hits both high notes and low with skill to spare; but he’s gritty and aggressive at the same time, as if he just hopped off a Harley Davidson and strode into a bar looking for a fight.
Just listen to that half-shrieking, half-snarling edge he puts in his voice as he grates out the verses to “Ruler”! Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot is close to his voice on this album too.
Still, Perry McCarty is his own man, and you’ll only hear echoes of a lot of other metal singers in him (Dio, for another example) because he gets pretty close to an ideal that many were striving for. He moans, he snarls, he shrieks, yet he keeps the violence and emotion from getting out of control and still hits the notes; honestly, for this style there’s not much more one could hope for.

The riffs on the other hand are generally accessible and catchy, but they often show a subtle complexity that betrays the calculated design behind that simplicity. Note for instance the interplay between the guitars on the title track; what class, what craft, what polish! Warrior know how less can be more, and capitalize on that knowledge.

At places, Warrior delivers a more hard rock approach. “Welcome Aboard” has an almost pop-metal mentality, and “Mind over Matter” is really cool and melodic.
The band adds texture to some songs with the use of keyboards and spoken parts, and make them work. Just listen to McCarty’s hilarious overacting on “PTM1”, the short spoken track before the finale. It’s a lot of fun.
“Cold Fire”, the ballad of the album, starts out with some rather unconventional melodies and is quite dark and nightmarish on the whole. A slow track but still kicks ass. Plus, they know how to have the heavy parts alternate with the softer sections, which of course is an essential tenet of the quality power ballad.

When released ”Fighting For The Earth” was criminally ignored in America, however the LP and Warrior made it very well in Europe & Japan. This remaster is the only available for this album, clean and clear, an absolutely rocking CD which worth every penny.
They don’t make records like this anymore…
Highly Recommended


01 – Fighting For The Earth
02 – Only The Strong Survive
03 – Ruler
04 – Mind Over Matter
05 – Defenders Of Creation
06 – Day Of The Evil (Beware)
07 – Cold Fire
08 – PTM1
09 – Welcome Aboard

Parramore Perry McCarty – vocals
Tommy Asakawa – guitars
Joe Floyd – guitars
Bruce Turgon – bass (credited but does not play on the record)
Jimmy Volpe – drums (credited but does not play on the record)

Rick Bennett – bass, keyboards on all tracks
Liam Jason – drums on all tracks



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  1. Rick Avery says:

    They made another album in 1998 called Ancient Future and one in 2001 with Rob Rock on vocals. I heard somewhere they recorded some songs/demos in 1987 but I dont think anything ever surfaced from those

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