ZINATRA – Rockumentary Part 1 [”Zinatra” +7 remastered] out of print

ZINATRA - Zinatra +7 [Rockumentary Box Part 1 Remastered] full

Here’s a request of two albums that everybody need into their classic AOR collection: ZINATRA‘s self-titled debut “Zinatra” and their next / final disc “The Great Escape”. This 2-CD Box including both albums housed into individual jewel case is the one to get – if you find it as it’s out of print – as both LP have been remastered with a resulting pristine sound, plus a bunch (10 in total) of bonus tracks.
This is the real Box / physical release titled “Rockumentary Part 1 & 2”.
The name Zinatra is synonymous of true European ’80s AOR pomp / Melodic Hard Rock. Discovered by the producer Erwin Musper in 1986, they made their debut with the album of the same name two years later enjoying considerable chart success with such hit singles as “Love or Loneliness”, “Somewhere” and “Looking for Love”.

Zinatra was the brainchild of bassist Ronal Lieberton featuring recruits from Dutch rock band Vandale including guitarists Gino Rerimassie, Sebastian Floris, drummer Ed Rokx and lead singer Joss Mennen.
The album in question is a mixture of the second half of the Eighties European sound reminiscent of the more commercial moments of Europe and Treat.
The Zinatra debut LP featured remarkable instrumental harmonies and melodies courtesy of the guitars and keyboards while lead singer Joss Menner puts admirable effort in his delivery though perhaps his full potential will be uncovered on the following album.

To say that the songwriting on “Zinatra” debut is anthemic would be an understatement as each and every song features super-sized choruses and multiple sing-along passages.
Other highlights include the unconventional “Name of the Game”, the outsider power-ballad “Hero” marking another hit single for South America, plus the feel-good upbeat “Heat of the Moment”.

ZINATRA - Zinatra +7 [Rockumentary Box Part 1 Remastered] back

The bonuses are an excellent addition, including the alternate version of ‘Looking for Love’ originally titled ‘Moving on sound’, the unreleased ‘Car lover’, and more.

From songwriting, performances and production, “Zinatra” delivers all what you expect from ’80s Euro AOR heaven. It ticks all the right boxes.
This remaster is great, clear and dynamic, all you need to enjoy this genre’s cult classic.


01 – Looking for love
02 – Love or loneliness
03 – Hard to explain
04 – Hero
05 – Name of the game
06 – Rider in the night
07 – Somewhere
08 – Rock and roll hangover
09 – Heat of the moment
10 – Feather in the wind
11 – Peppermania
12 – More than friends
13 – Gone with the wind
14 – More than friends (Extended version)
15 – Somewhere (Radio edit)
16 – Heat of the moment (Live)
17 – Gone with the wind (Live)
18 – Moving on sound (Alt version of Looking for love)
19 – Car lover (Demo version)

Joss Mennen – vocals
Sabastian Floris – guitars
Gino Rerimassie – guitars
Ronald J. Lieberton – bass
Ed Rokx – drums, percussion
Koen van Baal – keyboards


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