DANGER DANGER – Screw It! [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2022) *Exclusive*

DANGER DANGER - Screw It! [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2022) *Exclusive* - full

And now we keep featuring in exclusive hot new releases; it’s time for the fresh Rock Candy Records remastered & reloaded treatment on one of the greatest melodic hard rock / AOR albums in history; DANGER DANGER‘s ”Screw It!”.
For their second album “Screw It!”, Danger Danger basically took every element from the debut and turned it up a notch. The melodies are catchier, production is shinier, and Ted Poley’s vocals are cleaner. The AOR waves from the debut are mostly replaced with another instantly lovely factor: HOOKS.
Yeah, we already have the Japan BSCD2 and Bad Reputation Records remasters from this album… however, just wait to listen to this Jon Astley job behind the desk – it’s very, very different.
Seriously, this should be one of the best, perfect remastered works from the Rock Candy headquarters ever. ”Screw It!” gets a new dimension, all over it.
We love this album, and this RC remaster is really “reloaded” indeed!
(contributors get the album today)

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01 – Ginger Snaps (Intro)
02 – Monkey Business
03 – Slipped Her The Big One
04 – C’est Loupé
05 – Beat The Bullet
06 – I Still Think About You
07 – Get Your S**T Together
08 – Crazy Nites
09 – Puppet Show
10 – Everybody Wants Some
11 – Don’t Blame It On Love
12 – Comin Home
13 – Horny S.O.B
14 – Find Your Way Back Home
15 – Yeah!! You Want It!
16 – D.F.N.S

Ted Poley – lead and backing vocals
Andy Timmons – guitars, backing vocals
Bruno Ravel – 4 / 12 string bass, cello, backing vocals
Steve West – drums
Kasey Smith – keyboards


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  1. Örjan says:

    Must be one of the best albums that came out before grunge came and ruined everything and then some… Thank you 0dayrox!

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