OUTLAND – Different Worlds [Japan Edition +1]

OUTLAND - Different Worlds [Japan Edition +1] - full

With a new OUTLAND 2022 album after almost two decades, it’s the right opportunity to revisit the band’s 2, very good albums which helped to revitalize the Melodic Rock genre into this new Millennium.
Different Worlds” is OUTLAND‘s debut, in this Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus track.
With Jeff Prentice, lead vocalist and guitarist of the popular Metal Blade Records band Predator handling the lead vocals and the majority of lead guitar duties, and Rob Nishida playing bass, guitar and keyboards, OUTLAND was formed in California in early 2000’s.
Mixing the dynamic melodic rock from the ’80s like early Bon Jovi with the pumping AOR of Survivor plus a little of Boston pomp, OUTLAND’s debut LP is a pure delight. Add refined arrangements and a polished production, and we have a winner here.

This is slick, glossy, highly produced Melodic Rock with an Eighties feeling. These originals and one cover are pretty sweet, lots of catchy choruses and good harmonies all over. They play by the rules and make it work, being neither brash nor offensive.
If you enjoy the big-time guitar sound of bands like Night Ranger, Foreigner, Journey and maybe even Autograph, Outland will be up your alley. It has it all heart-felt ballads, songs about life, love, and two songs named after girls ‘Valerie’ and ‘Mary Anne’!

Speaking of ‘Valerie’, this guitar driven melodic rocker is one of the highlights, plus the pure AOR of ‘Lost in your Love’, ‘Dream Away’, the extremely catchy ‘One More Night’, the very good cover of Stage Dolls ‘Love Cries’, and the power ballads ‘Forever Yours’ and ‘Last Forever’ are lighters in the air.

With this album Outland helped spearhead a resurgence of a style/genre that many had thought was dead and gone. After almost twenty years since ”Different Worlds” original release it’s clear Melodic Rock/AOR not only isn’t gone, but this album still sound fresh and timeless.
Highly Recommended


01 – Varerie
02 – Love Alive
03 – Forever Yours
04 – One More Night
05 – Mary Anne
06 – Strong Enough
07 – Last Forever
08 – Different Worlds
09 – Dream Away
10 – Love Cries
11 – Take The Money And Run
12 – Lost In Your Love (Japanese Bonus Track)

Jeff Prentice – lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
Rob Nishida – guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals


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2 Responses

  1. Derrick's Pop says:

    Many thanks.

  2. Neil says:

    wow..oh wow….. how did I miss this way back??? this is the joy of zero day rock…….

    and not just one but three great albums to listen to….. all 3 cds now ordered off Amazon….

    supreme 80s style AOR hard edged rock with great keys…and harmonies……

    superb production…….. thank you zero day

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