MISERY – Misery Loves Company [Eonian Records remaster] (2022) HQ *Exclusive*

MISERY - Misery Loves Company [Eonian Records remaster] (2022) HQ *Exclusive* - full

Specialized reissue label Eonian Records is releasing a fresh remastered version of “Misery Loves Company“, the 1991’s debut album of Texas-based melodic glam rockers MISERY. Originally only released locally, since then the record became a sought-after collectible.
They say, “Don’t mess with Texas”, and immediately you know why. “Misery Loves Company” is explosive, melodic rocking, chock full of balls-out attitude and infectious commercial hooks with influenced ranging from Dokken, Icon, Ratt and early Van Halen to Sweet Savage and Joey C Jones first album.

The story of MISERY began deep in the heart of Texas… Pasadena, Texas, to be exact. Pasadena was not only the band’s hometown but also home to ”Gilley’s”, the world’s largest honky-tonk bar.
”Gilley’s”, named after country music star Mickey Gilley, opened in 1971 and gained national notoriety in 1980 with the success of the major motion picture “Urban Cowboy,” starring John Travolta.
MISERY singer Greg Gilley also happened to be the son of Mickey. Greg and MISERY may have had that famous connection to stand behind initially, but the band made a name for itself during its time.

It all started in mid-1989 when singer & guitarist Greg Gilley was trying to get his project off the ground and reached out to guitarist Joe Villarreal who was fresh out of playing in the Houston band, The Jaxx. Joe brought in drummer Kevin Coffey from the band Project X, and the nucleus of MISERY was formed.
Bassist Manuel Gonzales completed the original lineup. Manuel stayed with the band through the recording process of “Misery Loves Company” but left the band and was replaced by Gerald Martin, aka Gerald Berger of AXE.

Greg had written several songs, while Joe and Kevin brought in several great ideas. The band recorded this first independent album in 1991, with no outside producers or engineers.
This is a very well recorded, mixed and produced slab of late Eighties / early Nineties US melodic glammy hard rock, quite punchy at places, with driving guitar work, solid vocals and catchy choruses.
Titles like ‘Hit-N-Run Lover’, ‘Hot & Ready’, ‘Struck By Your Love’, ‘She Likes It’ speak by themselves, all fun, effective rockers with attitude.
I wonder if MISERY needed to do a cover of “Great Balls Of Fire,” made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, but there’s a reason: it happens Lewis was a cousin of Mickey Gilley. Mickey played piano on the track as well. Anyway, it’s a cool hard rockin’ version of the song, and short, just for the fun.

“Misery Loves Company” rocks, it’s fun, and you have a very good time through its 40 minutes. Very good remastering job on this reissue for the first time on CD, including as bonus a MISERY at the legendary Z Rock Radio.
Eonian Records will reissue soon the following 3 other MISERY albums, platters we’re eager to listening judging the quality of “Misery Loves Company”.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Hit-N-Run Lover
02 – See The Man
03 – Hot & Ready
04 – Struck By Your Love
05 – Rocket
06 – She Likes It
07 – Long Days
08 – Shotgun
09 – Sweet Woman
10 – Great Balls Of Fire
11 – Z Rock Radio Interview

Greg Gilley – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joe Villarreal – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Manuel (V.K.) Gonzales – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Coffey – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Mickey Gilley – Piano (track 10)



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