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KAMELOT - The Awakening (2023) - full

Heavy symphonic icons KAMELOT raise the bar like never before, awakening the world with their highly-anticipated 13th studio album “The Awakening“. The quintet set their sights beyond formulaic confines with their most introspective, uplifting, vital release to date – their first full-length in five years, 2023’s aptly titled The Awakening.
The album is a massive and diverse offering mixing symphonic, melodic and metal styles, yielding some of the heaviest tracks in KAMELOT’s history. KAMELOT is one of few bands in the symphonic genre to fully embrace the dark, but of course, there can be no light without it. Inspiring, engaging lyrical themes of determination, strength, overcoming personal battles and growth are abound on The Awakening, provoked by extreme societal shifts and the overwhelming realization that we have such a brief time to be true to ourselves and live life to its fullest.

With crystal clear modern production helmed by the band and longtime producer Sascha Paeth, plus mastering by Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios, KAMELOT’s score-like 13th studio album is accented by guest contributions – from genre star Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum), to renowned instrumentalists like violinist Florian Janoske and Grammy nominated, soundtrack-featured cellist Tina Guo.
KAMELOT’s intense brand of ultramodern gothic and symphonic theatricality is amplified further and with more emotionality than ever on this inspiring, anticipated addition to the KAMELOT legacy.


1 Overture (Intro)
2 The Great Divide
3 Eventide
4 One More Flag in the Ground
5 Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
6 Midsummer’s Eve
7 Bloodmoon
8 Nightsky
9 The Looking Glass
10 New Babylon
11 Willow
12 My Pantheon (Forevermore)
13 Ephemera (Outro)

Tommy Karevik (lead vocals)
Thomas Youngblood (guitar)
Oliver Palotai (keys)
Sean Tibbets (bass)
Alex Landenburg (drums)
Melissa Bonny (vocals)
Tina Guo (cello)
Brian Howes (vocals)


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