BLACK & DAMNED – Servants Of The Devil (2023)

BLACK & DAMNED - Servants Of The Devil (2023) - full

Four decades ago, “Servants Of The Devil“, the upcoming album from rockers BLACK & DAMNED would have been banned not only for its title, but its cover art. These German dudes doesn’t worship Satan at all, they just love this ‘retro metal’ imagery. And musically, they are very accessible and catchy.
While BLACK & DAMNED are marketed as power metal, their rock style is a mix of melodic metal and groovy hard rock: most tracks on “Servants Of The Devil” are mid-paced, melodic, even there’s not one but two ballads. And very good ones.
From the anthemic feel of the songs to the more ballsy Hard Rock / Melodic Metal instrumental and vocal delivery, this is fairly safe territory for many listeners having as it does plenty of balls, as well as those more catchy elements that Power Metal often over does.
Think a cross between Masterplan, Accept, Bloodbound and DIO, all crafted with a crystal clear production sound.


01 – Hyena’s Call
02 – Rise To Rise
03 – Dreamhunter
04 – The Quantum You
05 – Golden Wings
06 – Inside
07 – Black And Damned
08 – King And Allies
09 – Hail To The Gods
10 – Welcome To Madness
11 – Servants Of The Devil

Roland “Bobbes” Seidel – Vocals
Pappe Lee – Bass
Axel Winkler – Drums
Michael Vetter – Guitar
Aki Reissmann – Guitar


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