BLOOD STAR – First Sighting (2023) + EP’s (2020-21) *HQ*

BLOOD STAR - First Sighting (2023) + EP's (2020-21) *lossless* - full

Breaking ground in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017, BLOOD STAR play in the 1980s hard rock / metal lane, calling up the past with their brand new music. They have released a handful of singles along the way to their impressive debut full-length album “First Sighting“, a killer record deserving acclaim.
This female-fronted outfit is so good, that you need to hear their previous singles / EP as well, including hot covers of ‘Paris Is Burning’ (Dokken) and ‘Too Scared To Run’ (Uriah Heep).
BLOOD STAR’s style may be well-known, containing those melodic riffs, catchy verses, undeniable rally cry choruses, plus rhythm section components bringing all the hooks home – but there’s just something undeniable about the passion, spirit, and attitude penetrating this platter that will keep listeners satisfied.
The album is comprised of sensational full-on pure hard rock and metal tracks along with a short instrumental passage that fully acknowledges that Blood Star have arrived on the scene, and they are going to be BIG. You better believe the hype because Blood Star really are fantastic, and music of this quality makes ”First Sighting” one of the must-have releases of the year so far.

The soaring range beyond metal to the bone personality emanating from the voice of Madeline Smith easily garners jaw-dropping appreciation from the first moments you hear her work on songs such as “Fearless Priestess” or adventurous gallop-oriented “Cold Moon”. The electric diversity of guitarist Jamison Palmer at his instrument injects the material with a wide array of textures – delving into everything from late 70’s/early 80’s hard rock and metal favorites for influences as far as phrasing, runs, beyond the thoughtful bluesy to emotive lead breaks.

Often the quartet waste no time getting to the meat of these tracks on all fronts – heads down traditional riffs punctuated by killer bass/drumming support making “No One Wins” as well as “Wait to Die” sure fire favorites, the latter an energetic propeller with steady shifting speed to mid-tempo dimensions and memorable musical harmony moments a la Judas Priest meets W.A.S.P.
Jamison also gets a lead vocal spotlight on “The Observers” showcasing a bit more of a restrained, lower-register atmosphere that fits the commercial-leaning feel of the song. Seeking out Arthur Rizk as a final mastering touch elevates the already impressive sonic textures – the sound is crisp while naturally allowing the human element to shine.

”The Fear”, their 2-track debut EP is a compelling introduction to Blood Star as a band. Each stand up on its own with two completely separate, different modes of attack. The opening/title track is propelled by the velocity of its driving speed that plays with swift, staccato note-play and rolling riffage over top of fast, forward-charging rhythms that direct the song to a successful end.
Then “Tortured Earth” moves with a little bit more of a mid-paced tempo where the confidence and command in Smith’s performance reveals additional range when she unveils the shadowy melodies.

Blood Star does a reprisal for Lee Clayton / The Highwaymen’s 1990 country and western-meets rock n’ roll hit, the warm and equestrian “Silver Stallion”, which the group has covered with absolute sizzle and flair. Effectively, myriad killer solos permeate its 3.3 minutes of corralled surplus.

Bood Star - Paris is burning

The group also released a 2-track EP including two covers of classic songs: ‘Paris Is Burning (Dokken cover)’ and Too Scared To Run (Uriah Heep cover).
From the toothy, buzzsawing guitar/bass and rabidly thwacking drums on ‘Paris Is Burning’, which are heightened, manifold times, by front lass Madeline Smith’s richly infectious vocalizations, to axe dude’s fiercely phrased, albeit intensely melodic, lead blast, it’s clear the trio has the ’80s as focus.
Actually, Ms Smith sounds even more charming on the feel-good, catchy ‘Too Scared To Run’.

Crank this up loud, don the denim/leather, release any pent-up angst as this record soothes in a way that only the best traditional metal / hard rock albums can.
HIGHLY Recommended


First Sighting (2023):
01 – All for Nothing
02 – Fearless Priestess
03 – No One Wins
04 – The Observers *
05 – Dawn Phenomenon
06 – Cold Moon
07 – Going Home
08 – Wait to Die

The EP’s (2020-21):
01 – The Fear
02 – Tortured Earth
03 – Silver Stallion (Lee Clayton cover)
01 – Paris Is Burning (Dokken cover)
02 – Too Scared To Run (Uriah Heep cover)

Madeline Michelle – Lead vocals
Jamison Palmer – Guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on *
Noah Henley – Bass
Al Lester – Drums



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