HOTWIRE – The Story So Far 1993-2023 (2023) *HQ*

HOTWIRE - The Story So Far 1993-2023 (2023) - lossless full

German Melodic Rock act HOTWIRE released very well received albums between 1995 – 2006 in a time when music from this genre was scarce. 17 years ago, despiter their very good reputation and fan-base, HOTWIRE parted ways.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the band in 2013, there was a first small live reunion with the almost original line-up. Now in 2023, the original members Michael Werner (vocals) and Tom Glas (drums) want to do it all over again.
For the comeback, they are presenting the best-of album “The Story So Far 1993-2023” with a new song and two newly recorded fan & band faves. The other twelve classic songs have been remastered. If you haven’t known HOTWIRE yet, you can now do so!

HOTWIRE was founded in 1993 and they quickly gained a solid fan base in Melodic Rock circles, also through numerous shows with bands such as BONFIRE, JADED HEART or CRYSTAL BALL. In 1995, BONFIRE members Claus Lessmann and Hans Ziller took HOTWIRE under their wing and produced their self-titled debut album. The album Face Another Day followed three years later.
In 2001 they were even on a big European tour with SHAKRA and DOMAIN. Later they went on tour with PRETTY MAIDS.
During the recordings for the EP Middle Of Nowhere in 2001, the band parted ways with original singer Michael Werner and Andy Urbeck taking over the microphone. In 2006 followed the last HOTWIRE album Devil In Disguise produced by ex-BONFIRE Chris Lausmann. Shortly thereafter they separated.

Just this year, original members Werner and Glas have reconvened the band. Joining the new line-up are guitarists Hans Heid and Daniel Gumo Reiss, and bass guitarist Alexander Schott.
Now they are bout to release this “The Story So Far 1993-2023” / Best Of album, which features twelve songs (2 re-recorded with the new line up) including a brand-new song called ‘Slam!’.
The classic Hotwire songs have been remastered, and they actually do sound genuinely fresh and pristine.

How songs like ‘Sometimes She Cries’, ‘Lovin’ Kind’ and ‘Waiting For A Sign’ were not originally huge hits is a mystery, as they easily rival power ballads by more successful bands. I guess sometimes fate really is a cruel mistress.
If the new song ‘Slam!’ is anything to go by, then we should all be very excited by the return of the Bavarians, as it’s a kick-ass anthem with a big riff and a bigger chorus. Maybe second time around will see the band making deservedly bigger waves? Here’s hoping.

It is now the band’s intention to make themselves bigger and better than ever, and to prove they have what it takes to stay.
If you are a fan of Bonfire, Mad Max, Hardline, Pretty Maids etc, then you really do need to be checking out Hotwire, as their polished yet punchy sound should be right up your street.
Highly Recommended


01 – Slam! (New Track 2023)
02 – Crying in the Night (Remastered)
03 – Stay in Motion (Remastered)
04 – Take Me to Your Heart (Remastered)
05 – Midnight Romeo (Re-Recorded)
06 – Sometimes She Cries (Remastered)
07 – Talk to Me (Remastered)
08 – Under Your Skin (Remastered)
09 – Heart of the Young (Remastered)
10 – Lovin’ Kind (Remastered)
11 – Danger Is Calling (Re-Recorded)
12 – Alone (Remastered)
13 – Waiting for a Sign (Remastered)
14 – Waterfalls (Remastered)
15 – Once in My Life (Remastered)

Michael Werner – vocals
Tom Glas – drums
Hans Heid, Daniel Gumo Reiss – guitars
Alexander Schott – drums


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