COLORVINE (pre-Tower City) – 2nd Unreleased album (1996?) *Exclusive*

COLORVINE (pre-Tower City) - 2nd Unreleased (1996) full

We featured here the reissue of ‘Wake Up’, the third album with bonus of COLORVINE, a band which released their self-tiled debut in 1995 (also featured at 0dayrox). Back in their early days, alongside their debut CD, the group (before changing their name to Tower City, and later get back to Colorvine for ‘Wake Up’) recorded many more songs intended for their second ’90s album that never was.
This is a MEGA rare collectors album, and the sound quality in this “2nd Unreleased” is excellent.

Seems part of this set of unreleased Colorvine songs were recorded before (circa 1994) the sessions for their official debut CD, some other tracks, later. The overall sound & style is similar to the first album, melodic rock with power pop punch, however there’s a couple of tracks with different orientation.
I can hear a bit of King’s X (yet much more accessible), and a touch of Extreme hard n’ funk here and there.

After the release of the band’s self titled album the group get noticed there were some issues with the Colorvine name, and they needed to change it to Tower City. At the same time, frontman Larry Saltis started to work / write some material with Mike Slamer and other musicians.

The songs present on this “2nd Unreleased” were shelved, the band changed its name to Tower City and at the same time musically shifted to the more melodious / 80s AOR infused sound we heard in the first Tower City record.
A collector’s unreleased album; Rare.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Chalkline $
02 – Belu
03 – Say You Love Me
04 – Smoke
05 – Vein In Vain
06 – Stockholm
07 – Run
08 – Peace Of Mind
09 – Six Strings
10 – Wishbone
11 – All My Friends

Larry Saltis – vocals, guitars
Tim Weiner – bass, vocals
Heath Saltis – drums, vocals


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