CANDLEBOX – Live at The Neptune Theatre (2023)

CANDLEBOX - Live at The Neptune Theatre (2023) - full

CANDLEBOX are releasing their final studio album titled ‘The Long Goodbye’, and will be a farewell tour after which the band will break up and vocalist Kevin Martin plans to retire from music. But in 2023 CANDLEBOX put out another CD as well; “Live at The Neptune Theatre“.
Made with an acoustic format but with a full band sound, the recording comes from a special live performance from Nov. 5, 2021, which featured original members Kevin Martin, Peter Klett, Bardi Martin and Scott Mercado.
“Live at The Neptune Theatre” calls back the ’90s trend of artists who’ve released Live & Unplugged albums – Tesla’s Five Man Acoustic Jam, KISS, MSG, etc – that’s the type of sound and atmosphere on this CD, where the band performs their most known songs.

The track selection comes from CANDLEBOX first 3 albums. A great recollection from this period of the band’s history, the live acoustic performance is smooth, relaxed, and atmospheric. Additionally, each song is offered in a full dynamic presentation that sounds beautifully organic, all while Kevin Martin gives a vocal performance that is nothing less than outstanding.
In fact, these acoustic versions allow you to feel the music in a different way, thus making the captured recordings very reminiscent of that MTV Unplugged albums / era.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cover Me
02 – Blinders
03 – Blossom
04 – A Stone’s Throw Away
05 – He Calls Home
06 – Change
07 – It’s Alright
08 – Sometimes
09 – You
10 – Far Behind

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kevin Martin
Acoustic Guitar – Sean Hennesy
Acoustic Lead Guitar – Peter Klett
Bass Acoustic – Bardi Martin
Drums, Percussion – Scott Mercado



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